Is Alex Shams Related To Khomeini

Is Alex Shams related to Khomeini? People are interested to know the relationship between these two.

Khomeini served as the first supreme Leader of Iran from 1979 until he died in 1989; people have often known him for his political work. 

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He became the country’s first supreme Leader, people always loved his work, and he was involved in politics like his Father and grandfather. 

Khomeini has written more than 40 books and has presented himself in newspapers. Also, he was a public speaker and made a significant relationship with the public. 

Along with the life information about Iranian politics, people are curious to learn about the relationship between Alex Shams and Khomeini. 

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Is Alex Shams Related To Khomeini?

Khomeini’s full name is Ruhollah Khomeini, also known as Imam Khomeini, and he died in 1989 at the age of 89. 

Ruhollah and Shams do not have any slight chance of having a relationship with each other. 

Ruhollah had many grandchildren and children, but he is not one of them. It has been very unclear about their relationship in public. 

They don’t share the same family name nor belong to the same country. But Shams uploaded the pictures and work of Ruhollah on his Twitter account a long time ago, but people have gotten interested in it.

Tweet shared by Alex Shams, with the picture of Khomeini house in Iran.
Tweet shared by Alex Shams, with the picture of Khomeini house in Iran. (Image Source: Twitter)

The two people who never got a chance to meet do not share any relationship. But Alex might be a great fan of Iranian politics.

If you needed clarification about their relationship and had been following very unclear information about them, then they are not related to each other by blood.

Khomeini Family Tree 

Ruhollah left his five children and 15 grandchildren behind; he died at 89. He was married to Khadijeh Saqafi from 1929 till his *****. 

Picture of Khomeini with his wife Khadijeh Saqafi.
Picture of Khomeini with his wife, Khadijeh Saqafi. (Image Source:

He had a huge family; his Father was murdered when he was only two. Her mother and maternal grandparents raised him. 

Saqafi and Ruhollah shared five children; everyone was married when he died.

Ahmad Khomeini, Mostafa KhomeiniZahra Mostafavi KhomeiniFarideh Mostafavi, and Sadiqeh are their five children recognized by their Father, Rugollah Khomeini. 

Father, Rugollah Khomeini.
Khomeini shared 15 grandchildren, whose information has yet to be evident in public. Everyone in his family was together and celebrated every function together.

Alex Shams Family Details 

Alex Shams is an Iranian-American writer and editor-in-chief of Ajam Media Collective. He moved to America with his parents; he was born in Iran.

He is a Ph.D. student of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. He worked as a Journalist and has written many articles on his site.

Shams is just an ordinary person; his relationship with Khomeini is questioned after he publicly shares about him. 

Sadly, no information about his family has been published in public. His parents and other family member has kept a shallow profile. 

Khomeini Net Worth At His *****

Khomeini’s net worth was a top topic of discussion during his *****, and he never publicly published his career earnings and net worth. 

Per several online portals, his net worth at his ***** was around $5 million, which he earned through serving as supreme Leader of Iran. 

The Leader was an inspiration to many people in Iran, which might include Alex Shams. 

Khomeini might have been earning from other sources like business and investments, which he never publicly revealed. 

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