Aliyah Marie in Jail

Is Aliyah Marie In Jail? Famous tiktok celebrity Aliyah has released some of her recordings from the prison-like area, leaving others to wonder why she is there.

American influencer, content producer, Playboy model, and performer Aliyah Marie Kent. On TikTok, Aliyah has 262.4 million likes and more than 8.4 million followers as of February 2023.

On TikTok, Aliyah Marie Kent is well-recognized for her short films on romance, lip-synching, humor, and dance.

On Playboy and OnlyFans, she is currently among the highest-paid celebrities. On OnlyFans, her account is among the top 0.1 percent.

Aliyah Marie Kent resides in Calabasas, California, in the United States. Bryan Duran, a TikTok star, and she were dating.

Read this article till the end to know is Aliyah Marie in Jail and other facts related to her.

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Is Aliyah Marie In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Is Aliyah Marie In Jail? This has been a question for many people, especially for her fans after she uploaded two TikTok videos of her being in jail. 

But we guess that is just for videos and likes because such activity is restricted in jail or prison. 

It is yet to be confirmed whether she is in jail, but we can see people doing such activities for fun on Tiktok and other social media apps.

Aliyah claims that her father, who used to record her dancing sessions when she was a child and enjoyed it, inspired her to appear on camera.

Aliyah Marie Jail
This video of Aliyah Marie in Jail has gone viral in the internet. (Source: TikTok)

Mexican-American Aliyah Marie is of mixed heritage. Additionally, Aliyah has acknowledged that when in middle school, she struggled with depression.

But she moved on and concentrated on taking care of herself. Aliyah underwent breast augmentation surgery recently. She had a BBL operation before.

Due to her humor, costumes, and figure, Aliyah is one of the most attractive TikTok stars. She is also very well-liked by young people.

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Craze Of Aliyah Marie Among People

The youth adore the TikToker Aliyah Marie Kent and her great material. On TikTok, Aliyah Marie Kent has over 273.4MLikes and over 8.4 million followers.

Each of Aliyah’s TikTok videos receives 87,605 likes on average. According to, Aliyah’s 509 video posts have a 1.05 percent engagement rate on the platform.

According to the same source, Aliyah receives $5,021 to $8,368 for each TikTok post.

Aliyah Marie In Jail
Aliyah is a Playboy model, entertainer, content creator, and influencer. (Source: Instagram)

Aliyah regularly posts on Instagram. How much money Aliyah makes from her OnlyFans account is unknown. On the platform, she has thousands of fans and subscribers.

On the platform, Aliyah primarily writes about her different romantic and sexual outings. She can subtract the same from her Playboy modeling career.

Relationships Of Aliyah Marie

She was romantically involved with TikTok celebrity Bryan Duran. Almost all of her videos feature Bryan. The pair parted ways after 2022.

They dated each other for seven years. The relationship between the two people ended nicely. Bryan is still used frequently in her videos.

Aliyah dated TikTok star Luke Manson for a brief period following her breakup with Bryan Duran.

Aliyah has acknowledged being bisexual. Aliyah has numerous tattoos and body piercings that give her a funky-goth appearance.

As a child, she was fascinated by painting, and her father had many tattoos. She wanted to paint everything on her body as a result.

The tattoo below her neck on camera has the phrase “SWEETHEART” spelled backward.

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