Is Amirah Dyme Arrested

In response to the arrest rumors of Amirah Dyme, “Is Amirah Dyme arrested?” has become a trending topic. We’ve got you covered if you are curious about the same thing.

Amirah Dyme is an Instagram star from Germany. The 28-year-old is best recognized by her nickname “Cake Queen.”

Since joining the photo-sharing platform in June 2016, Cake Queen has amassed a huge fanbase. As of this writing, the social media personality has 3.8 million followers on her Instagram, where she shares her modeling shots.

Dyme has promoted fashion brands like NA-KD, Blanco Bay, and Fashion Nova on her famous self-titled account.

There has been a rumors about Amirah Dyme’s arrest. Is the Instagram celebrity arrested? Find out what she did and where she is now.

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Is Amirah Dyme Arrested? What Did The Instagram Star Do?

No. Instagram star Amirah Dyme is not in police custody. Also, she was never arrested. The false rumors seem to have circulated following her ex-boyfriend Hushpuppi’s arrest a few years ago.

Is Amirah Dyme Arrested
Instagram star Amirah Dyme is not arrested and has never been in police custody. (Image Source: Instagram)

Raymond Abass, also known as Hushpuppi, was suspected as an internet fraudster. The Instagram star’s alleged boyfriend was arrested in Dubai concerning the fraud case.

Shortly after his arrest, Dyme took to Instagram and slammed her alleged beau for mocking and looking down on people who worked hard to earn money.

She claims that Hushpuppi looks down on people he thinks are not enough since they are not earning as much money as him. But, those people work for their money, added Amirah.

Dyme observed that despite Hushpuppi being aware that he was living on stolen money, it never truly deterred him from treating others with contempt. She mockingly asked him if he liked the orange jail uniform.

The Instagram star reportedly dumped Hushpuppi after his arrest in June 2020. Amirah’s involvement with the alleged fraudster before his arrest boosted her social media followers.

Numerous people congratulated her after she shared a snap flaunting her baby bump. Rumors popped up when Hushpuppi and Amirah Dyme published a selfie of themselves in a purple Rolls Royce.

There were more rumors when Hushpuppi was imprisoned, and Amirah Dyme impliedly insulted him.

Who Is Amirah Dyme Boyfriend Now?

Amirah Dyme has already moved on from Hushpuppi, an alleged internet fraudster.

According to reports, Amirah Dyme shared a loved-up picture with a new mystery man. However, we could not discover solid evidence to back up the claim.

Moreover, the social media influencer is a doting mother to her child. She has shared many pictures of her baby girl – Harmony Faye. In one Instagram post, Amirah addressed her daughter as her heartbeat.

Is Amirah Dyme Arrested
Amirah Dyme with her beautiful daughter, Harmony Faye, whom she refers to as her heartbeat. (Image Source: Instagram)

Amirah Dyme’s daughter, Harmony Faye, was born in March 2022. The little girl turned one this year. While celebrating Harmony’s birthday, the proud mother said, “The day you were born was the happiest day of my life.”

“I will always remember the first time I glanced into your eyes. Never before have I felt so cherished and in love. You are the funniest and happiest girl in the world, my greatest gift, and my favorite face to wake up to,” added the doting mom.

Also, Dyme promised always to be there and guide her daughter every step of the way. ” I will walk with you to all of your goals and dreams in Peace, Love and Harmony!!” wrote the social media star alongside precious pictures of her baby girl.

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