Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty Gay is a falsified British actor who began her career as a reporter and future writer for the South Wales Argus. 

Anne was a contestant in the ITV reality show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” in the 2018 series.

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Hegerty is an English quizzer widely known for her part as The Governess on the ITV game show “The Chase.”

Is Anne Hegerty Gay: Who Is She Married To?

The birth date of Anne Hegerty, born in London, United Kingdom, on July 14, 1958, indicates that she is a Cancer and that her sexual orientation is a fabrication.

On her Twitter account, someone commented asking if she has a boyfriend or even a girlfriend, which led to the rumors about her being gay/lesbian.

Anne Hegerty
Anne Hegerty gay rumor is clarified
Source: marrieddivorce.

However, she clarified that she is not a lesbian/gay, so she would not want a girlfriend and want to keep her private life private.

According to the tvguidetime, she has not been married and was rumored to be married to a man named Jake Hester, but this was fake as it was placed unintentionally by Wikipedia.

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During her time on I’m a Celebrity, she had a spouse with whom Wikipedia exclaimed, saying she was wedded. However, she tried to explain Wikipedia and make changes to it.

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Anne has never talked about her past life, so we have no information about her past relationship. As stated by express, she gets attracted to people but does not prefer ties and loves being isolated.

Anne Hegerty Family

Anne Hegerty was born in England on July 14, 1958, to her Father, Kenneth Hegerty, and her mother, Shirley Brereton Hegerty.

Anne is blessed with a sibling named Jonathan, and all the families have shared a tight-knitted relationship.

As reported by digitalspy, the actor is the 19th cousin to Queen Elizabeth and the 20-times great-granddaughter of King Robert, where King of Scots ruled from 1306 until he died in 1329.

Anne Hegerty
Anne Hegerty is tied with the Royals Source: planetradio

The relationship came from her mother’s side as one of her ancestors married the King’s Daughter Princess Elizabeth in 1370.

As the relationship was revealed in the episode with her connection with the royals, she didn’t believe it, as stated by hellomagazine.

Hegerty told viewers at home that her grandmother said about their ties with royals when she was growing up, but she never took it seriously.

The cast from The Chase thought her grandmother was a liar as her aunt said she was a romancer and would embroider life, so she always felt that words from her grandmother should not be taken seriously.

As a child, she was always curious about her family, but her mother always disapproved of letting anyone know about their ancestors and would say, ‘It does not prove a thing, dear.’

How Much Is Anne Hegerty Net Worth?

According to the celebritynetworth, the actor from the UK, Anne Hegerty, enjoys a massive net worth of $4 million and is known as one of the wealthiest people.

Since she is a well-known actor, the entertainment business accounts for most of her income.

Anne is a quiz bug and first came into the limelight through the show, Are You An Egghead, a BBC show where she may have earned her fortune.

Anne Hegerty
Anne Hegerty, the cast from “The Chase.”
Source: digitalspy

Hegerty has enjoyed a long career in the industry for almost three decades and has enjoyed modest earnings in her career.

Being an actor, she has worked hard to earn a decent name for herself and is most likely at the top of the cash ranking. The famous ITV person is shown on the ITV Cooking show with The Stars, where she may be paid well.

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As a well-known television personality, she may have collaborated with a few brands, commercials, advertisements, and promotions where she may have gotten good earnings.

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