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Aussie’s fans are asking Is Aussie Cossack In Jail? as he is a famous Youtuber, businessman, and Journalist who has thousands of followers all over the globe.

Simeon Boikov, a Sydney native, was the Russian-based operation Leader in Australian territory known as the Aussie Cossacks.

Recently, the businessman shared a video on his channel claiming he was arrested while in the hospital, which has led his fans to ask Is Aussie Cossack In Jail?

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Is Aussie Cossack In Jail? What Did He Do- Arrest And Charge

As of now, there has been no legitimate answer to the question Is Aussie Cossack In Jail? as there has not been any official confirmation.

However, the YouTuber shared a slideshow video explaining why he was in the hospital and stated that Police arrested both him and his wife.

Aussie Cossack
Is Aussie Cossack In Jail? (Source: Youtube)

Sadly, the Journalist has not provided much information about why he was arrested, so no valid information regarding his charges was found on the internet.

However, he has stated that he will publish a full video of the arrest tonight, December 10, 2022, so hopefully, we will get some answers.

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Aussie Cossack Past Charges

Nonetheless, this is not the first time he has been arrested, as he has been arrested for various reasons.

He was taken into custody on October 8, 2021, after authorities searched his residence for illegal formulas in his work practices and policy.

The YouTuber and reformer who promotes the civil rights barrier and the diminishing causes of each national-level policy were home-raid before being given the FPO abbreviation to lessen his power.

YouTuber Aussie Cossack being arrested
YouTuber Aussie Cossack being arrested at his office.
(Source: Business Guide Africa)

His wife initially took a video from his office, which she posted on YouTube, to break the news of the arrest. She asserted that he could not receive daily support because of national corruption.

When Aussie Cossack, the Russian member living in Putin’s Russia, was paired up with one of the searching Police officers, the argument also left deep-seated harshness.

Due to a violation of safety precautions, the Police were compelled to make an arrest, but the family claimed that this would not justify the House invasion they had carried out.

Instead, the scene seems more like a firearm seizure with a thin layer of a made-up medical justification.

While news broke that Cossack had been jailed for violating the Health Act, he sought a motivation in his detention case.

The scene appears to be more of a firearm seizure act with a thin veil of false medical justification.

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Aussie Cossack Family: Meet His Wife

Ekaterina Biokov is wed to Australian Cossack Simeon Boikov. The pair had a long relationship before getting married, yet there isn’t much information about them online.

His wife, Ekaterina, was one of the most outspoken defenders of his arbitrary detention and unpleasant House invasion.

Likewise, Aussie has not mentioned anything about his parents, like their names, so no other information on his family was found.

Sadly, he also made his Instagram account private for some reason, so no valid information was found regarding his family and lifestyle.

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