Is Ayanda Thabethe Related To Thando Thabethe

People want to know is Ayanda Thabethe related To Thando Thabethe. Ayanda is one of South Africa’s most prominent media figures.

She always has a stunning appearance and has an amazing fashion sense. Ayanda is a hard-working, intelligent woman who has made a reputation for herself in this field.

She is an actress, model, show host, businesswoman, and more. Ayanda has graced the covers of numerous publications that highlight her attractiveness.

She has also appeared in television commercials to promote brands. She motivates young South African women every day to follow their hobbies and aspirations in life.

Here is a peek into how is Ayanda Thabethe related To Thando Thabethe.

Is Ayanda Thabethe Related To Thando Thabethe?

Talking about how is Ayanda Thabethe Related To Thando Thabethe related, they are not. Ayanda Thabethe and Thando Thabethe are unrelated even though they have the same last name.

According to Forbes, Thando Thabethe has amassed a sizable fan base over the years, which has provided them the much-needed exposure both domestically and abroad.

They are also well-regarded in the South African music industry. Due to their fame, they regularly sign endorsement deals and receive a number of awards.

Talking about Ayanda, for two years, she was previously married to television host Andile Ncube.

Is Ayanda Thabethe Related To Thando Thabethe
Ayanda Thabethe is not related to Thando Thabethe. (Source: Instagram)

Sadly, the couple’s marriage did not continue as problems arose as a result of rumors of infidelity and cheating between them.

She spoke candidly about the marriage and how peaceful the divorce was in an interview with Fresh Breakfast.

The relationship between Ayanda and Zulu Mkhathini, often known as Dash, ended in late November 2018.

Zulu also holds the titles of musician and dancer in addition to being a TV host. Sadly, no one disclosed the reason for their separation, but Ayanda recognized that even though she is now back on her own, she would always have the utmost respect for Dash.

Family Ethnicity of Ayanda Thabethe

When Ayanda Thabethe was just two years old, her parents split up. She has four sisters, and their mother raised them all.

Her mother worked as a nurse but also sold cold beverages and made garments to augment her income. Ayanda previously mentioned assisting her mother in the family company.

She would do everything for her mother, who has given up so much in her life so that she may have it all.

Is Ayanda Thabethe Related To Thando Thabethe
She was once married to television presenter. (Source: Instagram)

Ayanda and her family resided in Ntuzuma, Shayamoya, Umlazi, and Kwa Mashu, among other Durban neighborhoods.

One of her four siblings is a qualified environmental health specialist, and the other is an engineer. Her younger sister Lungi has a degree in politics.

Net Worth of Ayanda Thabethe

One of the most well-known TV personalities and performers in the South African market is Ayanda Thabethe. Ayanda Thabethe has amassed a net worth of approximately US$1.5 million.

Ayanda has always loved modeling, but her little frame has prevented her from pursuing that path professionally. Her 1.6 m height didn’t deter her, though.

Before entering the entertainment sector, Ayanda primarily worked for prestigious South African companies like L’Oreal and Johnson and Johnson.

Is Ayanda Thabethe Related To Thando Thabethe
Ayanda covering the social corner of the FIFA World Cup on @supersporttv. (Source: Instagram)

Her modeling career started when she joined Shashi Naidoo’s Alushi Model Management, thanks to Kutlwano Ditsele.

Ayanda was used by Legit Fashion in 2016 as the face of their summer collection. Her career as an actress and program host began with this job.

Ayanda has appeared in a variety of other programs, including Tooth and Nails, Zaziwa, Rockville, and Top Entertainment.

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