Baby Smoove Arrested

Is Baby Smoove arrested? People have been following the news about the rapper’s arrest on YouTube videos and Instagram. 

Smoove is an American rapper and singer; she recorded his first song when he was 15 and was always very clear about choosing her music career. 

Many fans have followed him and his music for a long time; people know him for his song “CardoGotWings” and others. The rapper has always gained much appreciation and love from his fans and followers.

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People have been curious to learn about his arrest and charges and read about the top discussed topic. 

Is Baby Smoove Arrested? What Did He Do?

A small Youtuber shares many YouTube videos about Smoove being arrested. But sources have yet to mention clear information about it. 

The videos on YouTube show that he was arrested during Instagram live. His Instagram live video was recorded and later posted on YouTube. 

Smoove has been seen in a local petrol pump along with his friends. A Police van has also been seen clearly on the site. The Instagram live was on when Smoove discussed with Police. 

Baby Smoove Arrested Instagram Live video shared by a small Youtuber in his channel.
Baby Smoove Arrested Instagram Live video shared by a small Youtuber in his channel. (Source: Youtube)

The reason behind his arrest, along with his friend, has not been apparent on the video, but many sources have mentioned that his arrest might have happened because of allegedly having a file pt2.

More than 1000 people were watching the life and passing comments on it. Smoove was flexing his jewellery in the Instagram live and was talking about it. 

Many people in the comment were seen supporting him and watching and sharing the video on different platforms. The video has been chiefly going viral on Instagram and YouTube. 

It has been seen that he has been having a conversation with the Police, but he has not been arrested in the Live video. Probably, he ended the video before being arrested.

More information is yet to come out, and people have been raising many questions about it. Hopefully, we will get clear about the rapper being arrested case soon. 

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Baby Smoove Net Worth Before Arrest 

People have often been curious to learn about famous personality’s career earnings and net worth. So, people have been interested to know the net worth of hip-hop artist Smoove. 

Many sources have mentioned the different net worth of the rapper, but as per the Source, his net cost before his arrest is $1 million. 

Smoove started their music career with his first song in September 2012, “Bandcrew Smoove and Rell x SuperSonic”. Even with his first song released, he gathered many people’s attention.

Baby Smoove official music video, Freestyle.
Baby Smoove official music video, Freestyle. (Source: Youtube)

Before recording and releasing an album, he posted it on his YouTube channel. Smoove started posing on YouTube when he was a teenager. 

He has never disappointed his fan; he has always impressed by giving a few hit songs and albums. Smoove has made his career worth millions, and he is known worldwide, and people from a different country has loved his work. 

Smoove has always focused on his career choice, as he was born into a middle-class family; he always knew, worked, and struggled. 

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