Is Barbara Knox Leaving Coronation Street

Is Barbara Knox Leaving Coronation Street? The English actress character Rita Tanner in Coronation Street makes a shocking exit from The Kabin after being annoyed by Isabella.

Coronation Stree star Barbara Knox is one of the longest-serving cast of the ITV soap opera. Knox joined the series as Rita Littlewood in December 1964 for one episode.

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In January 1972, she returned as a permanent cast member. It has been 51 years, and Knox is now the world’s 2nd longest-serving current television soap opera performer.

Many people have been asking if the actress is leaving Coronation Street. Here are all the details we know in regard.

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Is Barbara Knox Leaving Coronation Street?

There has been no hint that Barbara Knox is ending her illustrious journey with Coronation Street anytime soon. In addition, Knox’s character, Rita Tanner, is one of the permanent cast members of the ITV soap opera.

Is Barbara Knox Leaving Coronation Street
Barbara Knox is a permanent cast member of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, so she is not leaving the show. (Image Source: Yahoo)

The talk about Barbara’s exit from Coronation Street might have circulated after her character Rita Tanner made a shocking exit from The Kabin.

Rita Tanner exited from The Kabin after being annoyed by the new arrival Isabella. 

The tension begins when Brian Packham arrives late for work at The Kabin. Packham, the owner of The Kabin, was up late playing Italian card games with Isabella.

Rita disapproves of Brian’s behavior with Isabella in her bad books. But Rita is confronted by Isabella, who claims that Rita is too old to be working and that Brian needs a younger assistant at the newsstands. Rita decides to leave her job at The Kabin.

Is Rita’s lengthy employment at The Kabin truly coming to an end, or is there a chance that she might reconsider? For the answers, we should watch new episodes of Coronations Street.

Nonetheless, Barbara Knox is not leaving Coronation Street. In contrast, her character in the soap opera quits her long-time job after being upset by Isabella.

Barbara Knox Salary And Net Worth

As mentioned above, Barbara Knox is Coronation Street’s second longest-serving cast member. She has been portraying the character Rita Tanner since 1972. The show has been on the small screen practically every night of the week.

Thus, they must take home the big bucks. In 2019, Daily Mail reported that Barbara Knox’s annual salary as the permanent cast of Coronation Street is £250,000 ($316092.50).

Is Barbara Knox Leaving Coronation Street
Barbara Knox has amassed enormous fame and fortune during her long and prosperous career. (Image Source: Heart)

Knox’s salary must have increased considerably over the last few years. Considering her annual income, we assume the actress’s net worth is a sizable sum.

Barbara Knox Hails From Oldham, Lancashire

Barbara Knox was born to her parents in Oldham, Lancashire, England, on 30 September 1933. While her mother worked in a mill, her father was a moulder at Platt’s Foundry, and later he became a fireman.

The 90-year-old performer dropped out of school when she was 15. She worked as a telegraphist in the Post Office after passing Civil Service exams, learning shorthand and typing.

While the soap opera star worked in shops, factories, and offices, she got involved in amateur theatre. In 1962, she made her professional stage debut in The Boyfriend after producer Carl Paulsen asked her to appear in the show.

Moreover, Knox has appeared in television programs, including Never Mint the Quality, Geroge and the Dragon, Feet the Width, and A Family at War.

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