Is Bec Goddaed Related To Brendon Goddard

Is Bec Goddard Related to Brendon Goddard? a question that has intrigued many in the world of Australian sports. In this article, let’s explore the family ties, or lack thereof, between two prominent figures.

Meet the unstoppable force in Australian sports, Rebecca ‘Bec’ Goddar, a name synonymous with excellence and triumph.

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Bec is a record-setter currently donning the prestigious role of Head Coach at the Hawthorn Football Club in the AFL Women’s Competition (AFLW).

She previously steered the Adelaide Football Club to victory in the 2017 AFL Women’s Grand Final, etching her name in history.

In 2018/19, she lent her expertise to the University of Canberra Capitals in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL), masterminding a league championship win.

With a passion for excellence and a knack for turning teams into champions, Bec Goddard inspires all aspiring athletes and coaches.

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Is Bec Goddard Related To Brendon Goddard? Let’s Explore Their Relationship

In the world of Australian rules football, the name Goddard is undoubtedly recognized and celebrated.

With two notable figures, Bec Goddard and Brendon Goddard, sharing the same last name, it’s natural to wonder if they are related. However, the truth might surprise you.

Brendon Goddard, the former professional Australian rules footballer, has left a lasting impact on the sport.

He graced the St Kilda and Essendon teams with his exceptional skills from 2003 to 2018. Despite captaining Essendon in the 2016 season and being a household name in the AFL, he shares no familial ties with Bec Goddard.

While it’s common for people with the same last name to be related, this is not the case here.


Is Bec Goddaed Related To Brendon Goddard
Bec Goddaed has no relationship with Brendon Goddard. (Source: Triplem)

Bec and Brendon are not family; they just happen to share a surname. They both operate in the same realm of Australian sports.

Therefore, it’s not unusual for their paths to intersect occasionally, but they don’t have a blood relationship.

To put any remaining speculations to rest, Bec Goddard is not only a coach but also a proud partner.

She is in a committed relationship with Shanrah Wakefield, and they made their relationship official in October.

Moreover, they share their lives not only with each other but also with an adorable big brown dog, which they lovingly take on strolls with.

In the end, it’s a reminder that sometimes, in the world of sports, shared surnames can be mere coincidence, and it’s the individual talents and achievements that truly define a person’s legacy.

Brendon Goddard Family Details

Beyond the roaring stadiums and the fierce competition of Australian Rules football lies a heartwarming tale of family and love for former AFL star Brendon Goddard.

In Melbourne, he shares a life filled with joy and laughter with his beloved wife, Rosie, and their two adorable daughters, Billie and MacKenzie.

The couple tied the knot in 2017, beginning a beautiful journey together.

Their marriage is a testament to their commitment and love for each other, which is evident in how Brendon cherishes his family.

Among the members of Brendon’s close-knit family is his brother, Beau Raymond Goddard, who shares a special bond with the former footballer.

Is Bec Goddard Related To Brendon Goddard
Brendon Goddard has a very loving family. (Source: Instagram)

Family bonds run deep in the Goddard household, and it’s clear that they’ve been a source of strength and support throughout Brendon’s career.

Robert Edward Goddard, Brendon’s father, played a pivotal role in shaping the man and athlete he became.

It’s often said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in this case, it’s evident that the values and principles instilled by his parents have guided Brendon throughout his life.

Brendon Goddard’s social media is a treasure trove of heartwarming moments with his family, offering fans a glimpse into the love and joy that fill his life off the field.

It’s a reminder that beyond his athletic prowess, there’s a loving family that stands as the cornerstone of his world.

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