Is Ben Shelton Related To Blake Shelton

Is Ben Shelton related to Blake Shelton? Let us find out the details of them and facts about their relationship whether they are related to each other or not.

American tennis player Ben Shelton was ranked No. 35 in the ATP singles rankings as of May 8, 2023, which is a career-best.

In addition, he reached an ATP doubles ranking high of No. 159 on April 3, 2023. At the 2016 USTA Junior National Championship, Shelton prevailed in doubles.

Ben represented the Florida Gators in college tennis. He won fifth singles as a true freshman in 2021 to seal the Gators’ first-team national title.

He clinched the men’s singles title in the NCAA Division I Tennis Championships next year. Furthermore, he received the ITA National Player of the Year award in the same year.

During his childhood, he was interested in football; however growing up, he became more interested in tennis and his parents supported him in his decision.

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Is Ben Shelton Related To Blake Shelton? Relationship Revealed

There are questions from the fans about the player “Is Ben Shelton related to Blake Shelton?”

Blake was selected as a first-team NWC all-star in his junior season after averaging a remarkable 14.1 points per contest.

But his efforts didn’t end there; he also averaged 4.3 rebounds and 2.2 assists, displaying his adaptability and sense of teamwork.

Moreover, the assumptions that revolved around the Internet that Ben is related to Blake probably happened due to their common surnames. However, they both belong to different family backgrounds.

Is Ben Shelton Related To Blake Shelton
Ben Shelton is not related to Blake Shelton. (Source: CNN Sports)

Ben comes from a family of tennis where his father and mother both are renowned tennis players of their time. While Blake’s family details are not known as of now.

Also, both of them have different choices of sports since Ben loves tennis and Blake loves basketball.

However, both of them are from the same country, share the same last names, and have a love for their dedicated games.

Further, Ben Shelton is the only male child in his family and does not have a brother. Hence, they are not related to each other.

Nevertheless, they are connected through their love of sports, and fans have immense respect for both of them despite their different professional careers.

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Ben Shelton Parents and Family

Ben Shelton was born on October 9, 2002, in Atlanta, Georgia, to his player parents Bryan Shelton and Lisa Witsken Shelton.

His father Bryan was a former professional tennis player and a college tennis coach in the United States.

In addition, Bryan played for Georgia Tech from 1985 to 1988 while still an undergraduate and from 1989 to 1997 while he was a professional athlete.

His mother Lisa was a standout junior tennis player. Further, his uncle Todd Witsken played tennis professionally, while his sister Emma competed in college tennis for Florida.

Even though both of his parents played tennis, they never pressured him to pick up the sport.

Is Ben Shelton Related To Blake Shelton
Both of his parents were tennis players of their time. (Source: Sports Lulu)

Shelton began playing tennis consistently at the age of 12 and was coached by his father, Bryan.

Similarly, Ben’s parents are well aware of the challenges and demands of the game, and they have consistently stood behind him as he pursued his own tennis dreams.

Their contributions go beyond the game’s technical requirements. They have imparted to Ben the virtues of sportsmanship, perseverance, and discipline; elements that are equally important in life and tennis.

Furthermore, these life lessons have helped Ben become a more well-rounded person as well as a strong athlete.

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