Is Chad Kelly Related To Jim Kelly

Is Chad Kelly related to Jim Kelly? It is a well-established fact that the Toronto Argonauts quarterback is the nephew of the legendary footballer Jim Kelly.

Born Chad Patrick Kelly, Chad Kelly is a talented gridiron football quarterback for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. Chad completed his collegiate career at Clemson and Ole Miss. 

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He began his professional career after Denver Broncos selected him in the final pick of the 2017 NFL draft. Since then, the young player has proved his worth.

On the other hand, Jim Kelly is a former star footballer who was active in the NFL for eleven seasons with the Buffalo Bills. He is considered one of the most talented football players of all time.

The legendary quarterback played two seasons with the Houston Gamblers of USFL. The University of Miami graduate led the Buffalo Bills to four Super Bowl appearances.

With all that said about Chad and Jim’s professional life, let’s take a detailed look at the uncle and nephew’s relationship below.

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Is Chad Kelly Related To Jim Kelly? Nephew-Uncle Age Gap

Yes. The two prominent footballers have familial ties. The legendary football quarterback Jim Kelly is the uncle of Chad Kelly.

Chad’s father, Kevin Kelly, is the younger brother of Jim. Almost all of the Kelly family members are involved in football. Chad’s younger brother, Casey, is also a football quarterback.

Is Chad Kelly Related To Jim Kelly
The former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly is the paternal uncle of Chad Kelly. (Image Source: ESPN)

The uncle-nephew pair speak often and share a close connection. Talking about their age gap, Chad Kelly is 30 years old as of 2024. Similarly,  44 years old.

Thus, the uncle and nephew duo have 24 year, one month, and 17 days of age gap.

Moreover, when Chad was still playing for Clemson, Jim Kelly said he had an exceptional arm. It appears the former NFL star never doubted his nephew’s skills.

Moreover, the 30-year-old athlete said that his uncle inspires him to be great. “To lead and to be a fighter and never give up,” added Chad.

The Toronto Argonauts quarterback continued, “He is my uncle, another extension of myself.” I’m grateful to have an uncle like that who can assist me both on and off the field.”

Furthermore, the young quarterback appears to have picked up a love of the Bills from his uncle. Many of Chad Kelly’s old tweets are about his love for the team and his wish to play for them.

In 2013, Chad wrote, “It would be a dream come true playing QB for the Buffalo Bills and following in my uncle’s footsteps.”

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Jim Kelly’s Prolific Career And Chad Kelly’s Early Career

One of Chad Kelly’s football coaches revealed that being Jim Kelly’s nephew didn’t help him much.

In contrast, it has been harder for him because he is a legendary footballer Him Kelly’s nephew. According to reports, people expected a lot from him.

Is Chad Kelly Related To Jim Kelly
Chad Kelly’s one of the football coaches, disclosed that people had a lot of expectations as he is the nephew of a football legend. (Image Source: CBS Sports)

The coach added, “He was never just “Chad” and “Kevin Kelly’s son.” To everyone, he was “Jim Kelly’s nephew. Despite it all, Chad proved his worth and is now one of the best football players.

Jim Kelly always praised Chad’s athletic ability: “He has more than I had with a freaking rocket for an arm.

To conclude, Chad Kelly is the nephew of Jim Kelly. The former NFL star’s career always inspired the young QB to work harder and never give up.

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