Is Charles Bronson Still In Jail

Many people still wonder, to this day, whether or not Charles Bronson is still in jail.

This question has lingered for decades regarding the notorious British prisoner who gained notoriety for his violent behavior behind bars.

Charles Bronson, often called Britain’s most notorious prisoner, has been making headlines for decades due to his violent and unpredictable behavior. 

With a reputation for being one of the most dangerous men in the UK, many people wonder if Charles Bronson is still in jail, what he did to end up there, and if he could be released. 

The article will explore the answers to these questions and take a closer look at the life of this infamous inmate.

Is Charles Bronson Still In Jail? 

Yes, Charles Bronson is still in jail as of March 2023. He has spent over 45 years in prison, making him one of the longest-serving prisoners in the UK. 

Since his original arrest in 1974, Bronson has been detained in a number of jails throughout the United Kingdom. (Source:

Despite several parole hearings over the years, he has been repeatedly denied release due to concerns about his violent tendencies and the potential danger he poses to society. Charles Bronson’s life and crimes have fascinated the public for decades, with his reputation as a violent and unpredictable inmate cementing his place in UK criminal history.

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While he has spent much of his life in prison, there is still uncertainty about his future and whether he will ever be released. 

What Did Charles Bronson Do To Be In Prison?

Charles Bronson has a long history of violent behavior, with over 50 recorded acts of violence against fellow inmates and prison staff during his time in prison.

He was first jailed in 1974 for armed robbery, but his violent behavior in prison led to his reputation as a dangerous inmate. Some of his most notable incidents include taking hostages during prison riots and attacking correctional officers with makeshift weapons.

skynews charles bronson art 6047029
Charles Salvador, formerly known as Bronson, has been drawing for many years. (Source:

In addition to his violent outbursts, Bronson has been known for his attention-seeking behavior, often staging protests or making bizarre demands to gain media attention.

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He has been known to go on hunger strikes, cover himself in butter, and even change his name to Charles Salvador in honor of the artist Salvador Dali.

When Will Charles Bronson Be Released?

Despite multiple parole hearings, it is unclear when or if Charles Bronson will ever be released. 

In 2018, he was denied parole for the third time, with the parole board citing concerns about his violent behavior and lack of progress in addressing his issues. He has since appealed this decision, but the outcome of the appeal is not yet known.

Bronson’s supporters argue that he has made progress in controlling his behavior and has shown remorse for his past actions. They also point to his artistic talent, with many paintings selling for thousands of pounds. However, his detractors argue that he remains a danger to society and should never be released.

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Only time will tell if Charles Bronson will ever taste freedom again, but one thing is sure – his legacy as one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners will live on.

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