Is Chef Garima Arora Pregnant

The celebrity chef has been happily married to Jet Airways pilot Rahul Verma and has an adorable kid. Is the Arora-Verma couple expecting baby number two?

Garima Arora is one of the most prominent Indian chefs. Mumbai-born chef is the first woman to win a Michelin Star, which she won in November 2018.

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The Mumbai native is currently seen among the panel of judges on the cooking reality show MasterChef India. Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna are among the other judges.

In a tweet, Arora said all the challenges are meant to test the home cooks’ knowledge and abilities this week. She will be one of the home cooks’ challenges and ask contestants to recreate a dish she makes.

Following the reality show’s popularity, the star chef’s personal has also garnered significant attention. Her fans wonder if she is pregnant.

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Is Chef Garima Arora Pregnant?

Garima Arora is a doting mother to her baby girl, whom she shares with her husband, Rahul Verma. It doesn’t appear the chef is pregnant again, as no official reports exist.

Garima Arora Pregnant
It is unclear if Garima Arora is pregnant. (Image Source: StarsUfolded)

In an interview with Polka Tots, the Mumbai-born chef talked about motherhood. “I was overjoyed to learn that I am pregnant. Now that I’m a mother.” She said it felt like the best ever thing that had happened to her.

“Our lives are significantly impacted by motherhood; there are problems and joys, and we must be ready for both! Sometimes sleepless nights provide the most exhilarating moments,” she continued.

The beautiful lady also said that the happiest moment of her life was when her daughter was born. The proud mother added, “every moment is beautiful as she is mine and makes me feel conditionally loved every day.”

The name and birth details of her daughter have not been disclosed. However, Garima Arora’s baby appears to be under five years old as of 2023.

Meet Garima Arora Husband, Rahul Verma

The star chef Garima Arora is happily married to her husband, Rahul Verma. The married duo has been together for a few years now.

Garima Arora’s husband is a pilot at Jet Airways. According to Rahul’s Linkedin account, he became a pilot (first officer) at the Delhi NCR-based airline in April 2014. Garima Arora’s husband was a pilot at Spicejet Airlines from July 2012 to March 2014.

Is Chef Garima Arora Pregnant
Garima Arora husband, Rahul Verma, is a Pilot at Jet Airways. (Image Source: Instagram)

It is unclear how the couple first met and how their story began. However, the Arora-Verma couple has been living happily for several years. Rahul Verma is active on Instagram under the username @rahul_ver1983, but his account is private.

Chef Garima Arora Family

Born on 9 November 1986, Garima Arora grew up in Mumbai. She was born in a Punjabi Arora family. Anil Arora and Neetu Arora are Garima’s Father and mother, respectively.

She also has a brother, Nauroze Arora. Before pursuing her culinary career, she was involved in the Journalism field.

In 2008, she went to France. In 2010, she graduated from La Cordon Bleu in Paris. Garima worked under chefs Gaggan Anand, Gordon Ramsay, and RenĂ© Redzepi of Copenhagen’s Noma. Eventually, the talented chef opened her restaurant, Gaa, in April 2017 Bangkok.

Gaa, a three-story restaurant, offers a modern tasting menu that utilizes conventional Indian cooking techniques.

In November 2018, Arora and her restaurant were awarded a Michelin star. In March 2019, Restaurant Gaa debuted on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list at No. 16, taking home the prize for Highest New Entry.

In February 2019, Arora was recognized by World’s 50 Best Restaurants as Asia’s Best Female Chef for the Year.

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