Is Cheyenne Bryant Related To Kobe Bryant

Is Cheyenne Bryant related to Kobe Bryant? People have been curious if the renowned psychologist is related to the late NBA star.

Cheyenne Bryant, also known as Dr. Bryant, is a renowned psychology expert, life coach, brand ambassador, and speaker. She is also known for being a Teen Mom life coach on MTV.

The psychology expert is also the founder of the Dr. Bryant Institute, Dr. Bryant Foundation, and an award-winning book Mental Detox.

If you think the surname Bryant sounds familiar, you must know the NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Besides their same family name, do the star basketball player and psychology have any relation? Let’s find it out in today’s article.

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Is Cheyenne Bryant Related To Kobe Bryant?

No, the late basketball star Kobe Bryant and the psychology expert Cheyenne Bryant don’t have any relation. At least there has been no report in regard.

Is Cheyenne Bryant Related To Kobe Bryant
Dr. Cheyenne Bryant isn’t related to Kobe Bryant. (Image Source: CheatSheet)

Kobe Bryant was the youngest son of Pamela Cox and former NBA player Joe Bryant. Kobe’s family has a long history with National Basketball Association and is one of the well-known families in the sports.

On the other hand, Dr. Bryant doesn’t seem to have any relation with basketball or any other sports. Although there is no detail related to Dr. Bryant’s family, it is safe to assume that she is unrelated to the late basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Cheyenne Bryant Family – Meet Her Parents And Siblings

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant has been in the spotlight for a long time. But she has managed to keep her personal life behind the curtain. As a result, there is little to no information about her family and siblings.

In addition, her age is also unknown. But looking at her picture, she appears to be in her 30s.

Talking about her educational background, Dr. Bryant joined Cal State University at Northridge at 17. She majored in psychology and Pan African Studies.

Cheyenne wasn’t sure what career to follow during her first two years of college. She eventually decided to study psychology.

Yet the psychologist was still unsure of the reason. She didn’t understand what had sparked her curiosity until she enrolled at the University of Phoenix’s Master’s Degree.

While pursuing her Master’s degree, Dr. Bryant had a lot of healing within herself. She was drawn to psychology by her desire for personal fulfillment, healing, peace, and harmony within herself and others.

Dr. Bryant decided to pursue her doctorate in counseling psychology at Argosy University and sharpen her knowledge in the field.

Besides being a psychology expert, Dr. Cheyanne Bryant is also a philanthropist.

Cheyenne is busy caring for others when she is not concentrating on herself, her career, or her life. She started organizations that give those in need access to various resources, including basic hygiene supplies, job possibilities, and much more.

Is Cheyenne Bryant Related To Kobe Bryant
Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a renowned psychology expert and motivational speaker. (Image Source: Facebook)

The Teen Mom life coach concentrates on those things for a significant portion of her time, giving her a great degree of calm. In addition, the psychologist participates in several initiatives, foundations, and boards aimed at making the world a better place.

Cheyenne Bryant And Kobe Bryant Net Worth Difference

Kobe Bryant’s net worth is $600 million. The late player used to earn $25 million as an annual salary.

On the other hand, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is also an accomplished personality in her field. She earns most of her fortune from her job as a psychology expert. According to Indeed, a psychologist earns up to $152K as their annual income.

In addition, Dr. Bryant is involved in various other ventures, including television, writing, and speaking, which must also benefit her wealth significantly.

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