David Archuleta Gay

Is David Archuleta Gay? Yes. The American singer identifies himself as a queer man and still healing.

David Archuleta is a talented pop singer from Miami, Florida. The 32-year-old began his musical journey as a little boy.

The singer released his first single, Crush, in August 2008, which is from his self-titled album. With his career spanning over two decades, the Miami native has amassed insane fame and success.

Archuleta participated in The Masked Singer season 9 and was crowned the runner-up on 17 May 2023. The Masked Singer Season 9 winner Bishop Briggs performed as Medusa, and David Archuleta performed as Macaw.

Owing to his reputation in the music industry, Archuleta’s personal life has also become the subject of public interest. Many are asking if the musician is gay. Here is everything to know about David Archuleta’s sexuality.

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Is David Archuleta Gay?

Yes, David Archuleta gay claims are valid. The American Idol alum came out to his family in 2014. He publicly announced this via an Instagram post in June 2021.

David Archuleta Gay
David Archuleta Gay (Image Source: Entertainment Weekly)

In an interview with People, Archuleta shared his experiences with suicidal ideation and three unsuccessful relationships with women and questioned his Mormon faith.

David grew up in Utah as a devout follower of the Mormon religion – a religion of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon religion, which forbids same-sex relationships.

However, the musician had suppressed same-sex feelings for years, resulting in breakup from his third fiancee in 2021.

Archuleta didn’t want to accept that he was into guys. But no matter how hard The Masked Singer runner-up tried to marry a woman, he felt something was wrong.

Since coming out, the musician has struggled with a faith crisis. Now, David Archuleta identifies himself as queer and is still healing.

“Finally, I am learning what it is like to love myself,” he told People. The musician added that he felt liberated.

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David Archuleta Had To Take A Break From Religion

David Archuleta suppressed his feeling until he broke up with his third fiancee, and the identity crisis nearly took his life.

While recalling his thoughts, the musician said, “There is probably no point for me to live.”

He even thought that God would forgive him if he took his life as it was better than what he could become, and if he’s gay or LGBT of any sort, he would be in big spiritual trouble.

The Crush singer grew up believing in the religious values that compare being gay to murdering someone.

After breaking his third engagement, the singer did soul-searching and began to accept his identity as a queer man.

David Archuleta Gay
David Archuleta Photoshoot (Image Source: People)

At one point, David asked, “God, if you are truly there, please take this away from me because I don’t know what else to do.”

But there was a period during which his understanding of God said, “You need to stop asking me this.” Since this is who you are, you shouldn’t try to change that.”

The Miami-born native said that was the most liberating experience ever. David has a complicated relationship with the church, but his family supports him.

David Archuleta Partner And Relationship Timeline

Archuleta doesn’t seem to be dating anyone as of this writing. However, the other side of the down hitmaker said he opened up about his first kiss with a guy.

Archuleta said he didn’t understand his debut single, “Crush,” until he kissed a man for the first time when he was 30.

The artist said the kiss was effortless. He added, “Oh, this is how it feels to like/love someone. Now, I see why everyone relates to my song.”

Music has been a guiding force in Archuleta’s healing journey.

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