Is Deborah Acosta Related To Jim Acosta

Let us explore Deborah Acosta’s personal life and family tree from this article. Is Deborah Acosta Related To Jim Acosta?

It is common for everyone to think that two people with the same surname are related to each other. 

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Likewise, questions have been raised about two journalists, Deborah and Jim, who share the same surname, Acosta. 

Are the two people with the same surname and the same field of work related to each other by blood? Let’s find out. 

Keep scrolling this article until the end to find out about the relationship between Deborah and Jim. 

Is Deborah Acosta Related To Jim Acosta?

There are no proofs to suggest Deborah is actually related to Jim Acosta by blood. So, we can safely assume that the two journalists do not belong to the same family. 

Additionally, the two are not even tied by the fate of marriage, which may as well lead Deborah to change her surname. 

In fact, Jim was married to Sharon Mobley, his cherished wife. He shares three kids with Sharon. Unfortunately, the pair split up in 2017 for unspecified reasons.

Is Deborah Acosta Related To Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta and his ex-wife, Sharon Mobley Stow posing for the camera. (Source: Tuko News)

However, his CNN biography states that he frequently covers “presidential news conferences, visits by heads of state, and topics affecting the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.”

As for Deborah, she is also a married woman. But, the details regarding her love life are a mystery as of now. 

She shares two kids with her husband. The children are named Havana and Monty. The journalist loves spending time with her family, especially the kids.

We can quite frequently see her posting her husband and kids on her official Instagram account.

So, we can conclude that the two journalists, Deborah and Jim, share the same surname and are only related by the same field of work, journalism.

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Deborah Acosta Wikipedia: Is The Young Reporter On World Famous Encyclopedia?

Deborah Acosta is yet to be listed on the official page of Wikipedia. However, her endeavors as a journalist may land her on the Wikipedia page soon. 

She has 12 years of experience as a journalist and specializes in creative reporting and documentary storytelling.

Acosta is specialized in many forms of journalism, such as Investigative Journalism, Live Interactive Journalism, and Business Journalism.

Deborah Acosta age
Deborah Acosta has been in the field of journalism for 12 years now. (Image Source: Instagram)

The journalist specializes in field production, crowdsourcing, community engagement, reporting, videography, editing, hosting, and script writing. She also has a keen knowledge of Spanish and French language.

Acosta currently works for The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal real estate reporter Deborah covers Florida.

She formerly reported on domestic and international events at the New York Times using cutting-edge visual storytelling techniques.

For a series of visual investigations, Ms. Acosta was a reporting team member that won the 2020 George Polk Award for International Reporting. This was one of the most outstanding achievements in her career.

The journalist will be thriving to win more of those in the future through her exceptional reporting, writing and above-mentioned other skills.

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Deborah Acosta Age: How Old Is The Wall Street Journal Reporter?

The Wall Street Journal Reporter currently appears to be in her mid-thirties. However, the journalist has never revealed her actual age to the media or the public. 

Additionally, Acosta has never revealed the identity of her parents. The professional life of the journalist’s parents is also a mystery. 

By this, we can speculate that Deborah is reserved and doesn’t like shading much spotlight on her personal life, despite being a professional journalist herself. 

The journalist avoids the media’s spotlight in her personal life and keeps her professional and personal life different.

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