Is Dede3x in jail? Rumors have spread over the internet that the young rapper has been jailed. Let’s find out the reason for the arrest and the charges.

Dede3x is an aspiring rapper famous on social media for being a part of the group The Bad Kids.

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He is a star on YouTube who has been featured in several other channels, such as Funny Mike and Young 22.

The Baton Rouge native has amassed a massive fan following across social media platforms, with a combined following of over one million.

In such a young career, Dede3x has made a name for himself as one of the uprising rappers.

However, recently, there has been a rumor that the 18-year-old has been arrested but the police.

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Is Dede3x In Jail?

Dede3x is rumored to be jailed, as indicated by comments on his social media posts.

However, the reason for the arrest has not yet been revealed since no reliable sources to confirm the arrest exist.

Several videos have been uploaded to YouTube lately informing that Dede3x has been arrested.

A YouTube information channel named Badkids Shaderoom uploaded a video explaining that Dede3x is in jail.

The video entitled “BadKidDeDe3x IN JAIL- Dede3x Arrested For M……?” indicates that maybe Dede3x is arrested for ******.

However, until an official statement by the authorities confirming the arrest and charges, the rumors remain nothing more than rumors.

Is Dede3x In Jail
Dede3x’s Instagram is filled with comments that he is jailed for killing someone. (Source: Instagram)

Dede3x has been inactive on his social media since January 3, 2023, when he uploaded pictures of himself with two friends.

In the Instagram post, several comments say that Dede3x has been arrested and is currently in jail.

Though not official, some commenters claim that Dede3x has been jailed for ******.

Besides, some claim that the authorities got the video of Dede3x killing a person.

However, the video has not circulated on the internet, and no official statement has been released about his arrest.

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Who Is Dede3x?

Dede3x is an aspiring American rapper famous as a member of The Bad Kids group.

He was born in Batan Rogue, Louisiana, on February 15, 2006. 

He created his YouTube channel in December 2017 and gained fame after uploading some GTA V roleplay videos.

The 18-year-old soon amassed significant attention from gaming fans, boosting his subscribers count to 100K.

Dede3x is an aspiring rapper based in Louisiana. (Source: Instagram)

Dede3x created the rap trio The Bad Kids with his two friends, Woo and Tray.

The young Louisiana rapper has been featured several times on the popular YouTube channel FunnyMike.

His song “DEDE3X-3X (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)” has had over 10 million views since February 2023.

In the song, the rapper explains how his name is pronounced: “Dede three times.”

Apart from the breakthrough song, Dede3x’s song Fresh featuring Jay and Tray has been more successful, amassing 20 million views on YouTube.

The Batan Rogue rapper is often featured alongside his friends on the FunnyMike channel.

On Instagram, Dede3x has over 840K followers on his account, @_.1mdd3x_, where he regularly posts pictures of his life updates.

The account has been inactive for a month, with rumors of his arrest circulating on the internet.

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