Is Derek Carr Related To David Carr?

David Carr and Derek Carr are related as a brothers. The oldest brother is David, the youngest is Derek, and both brothers are well-known figures in the football world.

Similarly, the sibling duo positioned as American football quarterbacks in the National Football League with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Even though David has already retired, Derek is still active in the field.

As football lovers are updated with major stunning players, the viewers notice the sibling duo. With similar appearances, their whereabouts are highly searched by the fan base.

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Derek Carr Related To David Carr As A Brother- Their Age Gap Reveled

Derek Dallas Carr is the youngest brother of the eldest sibling, David Duke Carr. They have significant differences of around twelve years.

David Carr
David Carr: Locker Room Chemistry of Derek Carr (Source- Youtube)

Similarly, Derek was born on 28th March 1991, whereas David was born on 21st July 1979, resulting in being 31 and 43 years old.

Both of them followed the same path and are now placed as famous football players in the quarterback position.

David was drafted by the Houston Texan’s first all-around in the NFL Draft 2002. He served from the quarterback position in the NFL for eleven seasons but is now retired.

On the other hand, Derek is currently playing in the same position. Both have created a huge fan base on the football field following their talent. 

Derek Carr And David Carr Family Tree And Religion

Derek and David were born to Rodger and Sheryl Carr in a Christian family. They lived in Bakersfield before relocating to Sugar Land, Texas, but later returned to Bakersfield.

The Carr family follows the value of Jesus as their religion is associated with Christianity, and their belief is not hidden from the public.

Their social media handles have major highlights about their life where they have shared glimpses of their family members.

Derek can be found on Instagram under @derekcarrqb, whereas David’s availability online is still being determined.

As they hold private nature, much of their family background is unavailable except for their career records. Many football fans admire their career scores and legacy.

Bros before throws; the Carr brothers look to the future
Bros before throws; the Carr brothers look to the future (Source- ABC 30)

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Derek Carr And David Carr Net Worth Difference 

According to Celebrity’s Net worth, Derek Carr and David Carr have a net worth difference of around 61 million dollars.

As both have been related to football for a long time, their earnings are whopping.

David Carr is an American football player with a net worth of 19 Million dollars, whereas Derek’s amounts to 80 million dollars.

Their dedication to the industry has resulted in huge deals and contracts.

As David has already retired from the profession, his net worth has a significant gap with his beloved brother, who is doing wonders in his career.

Moreover, they may be involved in sponsorships and deals for an additional income source.

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