Diane Gilman Retiring

Fans are concerned that Diane Gilman is Retiring because of her illness and health. Stay with us to learn about her present health condition.

Diane Gilman, also known as the “Jean Queen” by her fans, is an American Clothing Designer. She is also a shopping channel television personality on Home Shopping Network (HSN).

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In the 1960s, Diane made custom pants and jackets for rock stars. Then she moved to her own washable silk line store based in New York, which later closed due to loss in line with a Chinese Company that swindled her out of rights.

In 2013 Diane Wrote a book called Good Jeans: 10 Simple Truths about Feeling Great, Staying Sexy, and Aging Agelessly.

Diane is also seen doing blogs for The Huffington Post. She has received many awards for her contribution to the fashion industry and through her inspirational voice.

Is Diane Gilman Retiring Because Of Her Illness? 

Gilman is now 77; HSN announced the news earlier in November, sharing the news about her leaving the show in a statement on Facebook.

The report read: “After 28 wonderful years on HSN, our fabulous Queen of Jeans Diane Gilman will be retiring from her appearances on our live shows next year to pursue personal passions.”

HSN confirmed that Diane’s last on-air appearance was Sunday, November 27, 2022. Diane also posted about leaving the network on her Facebook.

HSN host leaving network after 28 years
HSN host leaving the network after 28 years. (Image Source: The Focus)

Diane wrote: “I am the world’s most grateful cheerleader for women redefining their lives and gracefully entering their third acts. Connecting with you through HSN has been the greatest reward of all.”

But she has not confirmed that she is retiring from the post because of her illness. Or, her retiring from the post might be her illness, as she has been weak daily.

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What Happened to Diane Gilman? The Health Update 2022

Diane was diagnosed with breast Cancer on Christmas Eve, 2017. Gilman believed that she got her Cancer through hormone replacement therapy, which she tried to keep her skin and hair youthful on television.

The Cancer nearly took a year of her life. The Cancer was on stage 3 and spread to both her breasts.

After several Chemo, surgery, and radiation, there were no remaining tumors on her body. And later, she went through breast reconstruction to get in shape. After nearly ten months in the hospital, she could return to her business and fans.

Gilman believes her positive attitude helped her through all the Chemo and surgery.

After being diagnosed, Gilman developed Lymphedema, a lingering issue resulting from Cancer.

 Diane Gilman
Diane Gilman has returned to HSN after a valiant fight with cancer, and we are thrilled to have her back! (Image Source: Facebook)

But currently, she is back and is doing fine with her health condition. It was hard for her to be at the hospital for a long time, but she is a brave woman.

Lymphedema is a condition in which lymph fluid builds up in tissue and causes swelling. Gilman deals with Lymphedema by exercising regularly, staying active, and eating healthy.

Diane Gilman’s Net Worth 2024

The estimated net worth of Diane Gilman is 15 million us dollars, as per the Sources. Her income primarily includes fashion designing, entrepreneurship, Bookselling, and HSN.

She owns her washable skill line after having experience in diffrent fields; she has been designing jeans, tops, dresses, baby dresses, and more for a long time. 

Gilman’s dresses have been popular worldwide, so she has made a good amount of money from her clothing line.

Additionally, she has been doing her work inside her home, and she mentioned in an interview that she enjoys what she has been doing.

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