Is Emily Holwick Leaving KMBC? The KMBC host is questioned about her further plans, and viewers are waiting for her to confess where she is going

Emily Holwick is an American news reporter who is best known as the host of the KMBC-9 news and started working for the news station in 2015. 

Besides, she is gaining media attention after revealing her departure from KMBS-9. She has worked with multiple tv shows and networks from the beginning of her professional career. 

Similarly, she started her career as a News intern for ABC News. More, she was also a reporter for WICU-TV/ WSEE-TV. Furthermore, she was also the Anchor/ Producer for WSEE-TV. 

She was also the weekend evening anchor and reporter for KMBC, where she was appointed as the morning news anchor and reporter. 

Is Emily Holwick Leaving KMBC?

Yes, Emily Holwick is leaving KMBC. She made the announcement on February 1, 2023, by making posts on her social media handles. Since November 2015, she has been associated with the station and has held multiple roles.

Holwick came to the station as a weekend anchor and reporter. Later, she started working as a morning news anchor/reporter. After that, Holwick’s time was changed, and she worked as a weekend evening anchor and a reporter.

Is Emily Holwick Leaving KMBC
Emily Holwick shares the news of her departure from KMBC and reveals her new venture. (Source: Facebook)

During her time at KMBC, she was involved in writing scripts for shows and often put together packages for weekend newscasts while also anchoring. After spending a long time at the station, Holwick may have thought it was time for a change.

So, she left KMBC on February 2023 and is now busy with her new job. With her departure, fans are asking if there are any issues with her health.

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What Happened To Emily Holwick?

Emily Holwick has already left KMBC, and with her departure, viewers have been asking questions about her health. There is no news of Emily having health issues. She is in perfect condition.

People speculated that Holwick left the station due to some illness. However, there is no fact about it. As said earlier, Emily left the station for a change in her life and is taking a new job.

Emily Holwick
Emily Holwick posted a family photo on her Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

As of now, Emily is spending time with her family, and we can get updated on her life by following her on IG as @emholwick. She often shares snaps with her partner Evan Holwick and their child.

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Where Is Emily Holwick Going After Leaving KMBC?

Emily Holwick has left KMBC and is moving to do a new job. She shared various images on the social media handles of her last day at the station, and everyone on KMBC gave a warm farewell to Emily.

She even cut the cake and enjoyed her last day at the station. Following her departure, Emily began working as a Public Relations Strategist at the American Academy of Family Physicians. 

Emily Holwick
Emily Holwick works as a Public Relations Strategist at the American Academy of Family Physicians. (Source: Facebook)

While announcing her departure, Emily also said she would be working with the AAFP, one of the largest national medical organizations. 

Furthermore, we can get updated on her career and work history by exploring her Linkedin bio.

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