Is Ethan Pinnock Related To Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Is Ethan Pinnock Related To Leigh-Anne Pinnock? The two successful British celebrities share the same surname, but are they related?

Ethan Pinnock is a professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Premier League club Brentford and the Jamaica national team.

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He was born on 29 May 1993 in Lambeth, England, to parents of Jamaican descent.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock is a singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to fame as a member of the girl group Little Mix, before launching her solo career in 2021.

She was born on 4 October 1991 in High Wycombe, England, to parents of mixed-race heritage.

Her father is black and her mother is white. She has Barbadian and Jamaican ancestry on her father’s side.

Is Ethan Pinnock Related To Leigh-Anne Pinnock?

Ethan Pinnock and Leigh-Anne Pinnock are two successful British celebrities who share the same surname, but are they related?

The answer is no, they are not blood relatives, but they do have some connections through their ancestry and their careers.

Although Ethan and Leigh-Anne are not related by blood, they do share some common roots through their Jamaican heritage.

Is Ethan Pinnock Related To Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Ethan Pinnock and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, both accomplished British celebrities, share a surname but are not blood relatives. (Image Source: NME)

Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation that was colonized by the British from the 17th century until 1962 when it gained its independence.

During this period, many enslaved Africans were brought to Jamaica to work on plantations, and many also intermarried with the indigenous people and the European settlers.

As a result, Jamaica has a diverse and multicultural population that reflects its history of migration and mixing.

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Ethan and Leigh-Anne are both proud of their Jamaican heritage and have visited the island several times.

They have also represented Jamaica at an international level in their respective fields. Ethan made his debut for the Jamaica national football team in 2021 and has since earned 10 caps for his country.

Leigh-Anne has performed with Little Mix in Jamaica in 2015 and 2017 and has also collaborated with Jamaican artists such as Sean Paul and Ayra Starr.

Ethan Pinnock And Leigh-Anne Pinnock Family Tree

Ethan Pinnock’s family tree is not publicly known, but he has revealed that his parents are both from Jamaica and that he has two older brothers.

He has also said that his grandfather was a boxer who fought for Jamaica in the Olympics.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s family tree is more documented, thanks to her involvement in various media projects that explore her identity and background.

She has two older sisters, Sian-Louise and Sarah, who are also of mixed-race heritage. Her father, John Pinnock, is black and has Barbadian and Jamaican ancestry.

His father, Leigh-Anne’s grandfather, was born in Barbados and moved to England in the 1960s as part of the Windrush generation.

Ethan Pinnock family
Ethan Pinnock disclosed that both his parents hail from Jamaica and mentioned having two elder brothers. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

His mother, Leigh-Anne’s grandmother, was born in Jamaica and also migrated to England around the same time.

Her mother, Deborah Thornhill, is white and has English ancestry. Her parents, Leigh-Anne’s grandparents, were both born in England.

In 2021, Leigh-Anne made a documentary for BBC Three titled Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power, in which she explored her personal experiences of racism and colorism as a black woman in the music industry and society at large.

She also interviewed her parents and grandparents about their own stories of discrimination and resilience.

The documentary received critical acclaim and was nominated for Best Authored Documentary at the 26th National Television Awards.

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In 2023, Leigh-Anne received an honorary doctorate from Buckinghamshire New University for her work on racial equality and social justice.

She dedicated the award to her grandparents, who she said inspired her to use her voice for change.

She also thanked her mentor Jay Blades, who ran a youth club and choir that she joined as a teenager in High Wycombe.

Blades later became a trustee of The Black Fund, a charity that Leigh-Anne founded in 2021 to support black-owned businesses and creatives.

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