Is Faf De Klerk Related To FW De Klerk

People are often curious to know if Faf De Klerk is related to FW De Klerk due to their shared surname.

The name “De Klerk” holds significant weight in sports and politics but in two entirely different realms. 

Francois “Faf” de Klerk and Frederik Willem de Klerk share a last name, but their life stories and contributions diverge remarkably.

One is known for his prowess on the rugby field, while the other is celebrated (and sometimes criticized) for his role in reshaping the political landscape of South Africa. 

In this article, we will delve into their respective backgrounds their contributions to their fields, and even explore the intriguing question: Are Faf De Klerk and FW De Klerk related? 

Additionally, examine their financial status to understand the net worth difference between these two prominent figures.

Is Faf De Klerk Related To FW De Klerk? 

First and foremost, let’s address the question that might have piqued your curiosity: Are Faf De Klerk and FW De Klerk related?

Is Faf De Klerk Related To FW De Klerk
FW de Klerk, the final leader of South Africa’s apartheid era who played a pivotal role in Nelson Mandela’s release, passed away at the age of 85. (Source:

The short answer is no. There is no known familial relationship between the two De Klerks. 

They do share a common surname, but South Africa is a country with a rich tapestry of diverse surnames, and it’s not uncommon for unrelated individuals to have the same last name.

Faf De Klerk hails from Nelspruit, South Africa, and is best known for his exceptional skills as a rugby union player. 

On the other hand, FW De Klerk was a prominent politician who served as the State President of South Africa during a pivotal period in the nation’s history. 

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While they may share a surname, their paths in life have been distinct and unrelated.

Faf De Klerk Family Background Explored

Faf De Klerk was born on October 19, 1991, in Nelspruit, now known as Mbombela, South Africa. 

Is Faf De Klerk Related To FW De Klerk
Faf De Klerk is a renowned South African rugby player known for his exceptional skills as a scrum-half. (Source:

His upbringing was marked by a deep connection to rugby, a sport that holds a special place in the hearts of many South Africans. He attended Hoërskool Waterkloof in Pretoria, where he honed his rugby skills. This early exposure to the sport laid the foundation for a remarkable career.

Faf De Klerk’s immediate family background isn’t extensively documented. It’s clear that he emerged from a rugby-loving environment.

South Africa has a rich rugby tradition, and players like De Klerk are often nurtured to excel in this physically demanding sport from a young age.

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His journey from Hoërskool Waterkloof to becoming a key player for both the Sale Sharks in the English Premiership and the South Africa national rugby team showcases his dedication and talent.

Net Worth Difference Between Faf De Klerk And FW De Klerk

The net worth difference between Faf De Klerk and FW De Klerk is approximately $44 million.

As of 2023, Faf De Klerk boasts a net worth estimated at approximately $2 million, primarily sourced from his thriving rugby career. 

His annual income from rugby, which hovers around $500,000, underscores the financial rewards that can come with excelling in professional sports.

In stark contrast, FW De Klerk’s net worth is estimated to be a substantial $46 million. He made a significant mark in the annals of history for his role in ending apartheid and steering South Africa toward democracy. 

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Instead, it can be attributed to his post-political endeavors, including international lecturing and public speaking engagements.

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