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Former American Footballer Jon Kelly Kitna, aka Jalen Kitna, was arrested this Wednesday on five charges related to sexual child sexual abuse. Is Jalen Kitna in jail now?

After the arrested took place on Wednesday, the Internet has been flowing with the news about Jalen Kitna.

He was officially suspended from the football team just after he was arrested yesterday at around 3 pm.

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How long will he be imprisoned in this case, which could also ruin his career? People want to know more about the problem.

Hopefully, reading this article will help you fully understand the situation.

Is Florida Gators QB Jalen Kitna In Jail?

Florida Gators quarterback Jalen Kitna is in jail; he was in the Alachua County Jail at 3:20 pm.

Kitna was a 19-year-old freshman redshirted player who had been playing football for Floria for almost two years now. 

Kitna has just started his career as a football player, and he still has his whole career left behind. If this case gets serious, he will also lose his playing career.

Florida QB Jalen Kitna arrested on child pornography charges
Florida QB Jalen Kitna was arrested on child pornography charges. (Image Source: MLive.com)

All his team members or coach from Florida were shocked to hear the news; he got arrested for sharing child sexual material on a Discord group.

According to the University Athletic Association, “The news regarding Jalen Kitna has startled and grieved us.

These are serious accusations, and neither the University of Florida nor the UAA will tolerate such conduct. The football team has placed Jalen on extended administrative leave.”

After the case, he will probably not be back in Florida, but hopefully, he will play football with any other team.

More information is yet to come out; he has been in jail for over 12 hours. 

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What Did Jalen Kitna Do- Arrest And Charge

Jalen Kitna, the son of Jon Kitna, has been arrested for allegedly having child pornography.

The Gainesville Police Department mentioned that a search warrant was served at Kitna’s place to look for more information related to the case.

Kitna accepted that he shared two pictures related to child abuse in Discord, but he mentioned that he did not through it was legal because he found the picture online.

But at the end of the day, Kitna realized that he should not have shared them on Discord.

Florida QB Jalen Kitan arrested on child pornography charges.
Florida QB Jalen Kitna was arrested on child pornography charges. (Image Source: The New York Post)

After sharing the pictures, he said that his Discord account was deactivated automatically, saying it would be active after a month.

Then, after the search warrant was released and the mobile was sized for more investigation, Police found more pictures of child abuse.

So, Kitna was arrested for possession of child pornography and distribution of child exploitation material.

The Police examined his residence after the search warrant was made public, but they found nothing that might have been relevant to the investigation.

The information about the period inside the jail has yet to be announced. More information is yet to come out.

Although Kitna thought it was legal, he regrets doing so and has been charged.

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