Vibiana Molina Arrested

A TikTok video of former Fox 21 official Vibiana Molina being caught allegedly trespassing in her neighbor’s house has become viral. Since then, many people have been asking, “Is Vibiana Molina Arrested?”

The viral clip shows a woman entering a house without permission to make a supposed noise complaint. The person who recorded Molina doesn’t seem to know who she is.

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But TikTok users helped him and identified the woman in an instant. Vibiana Molina is currently serving as the executive vice president of business affairs at Chemin Entertainment.

Find out if the former Fox 21 news official has been arrested for allegedly trespassing her neighbor’s house.

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Is Fox 21 Vibiana Molina Arrested?

No. Vibiana Molina hasn’t been arrested. Although she was accused of trespassing and harassing, her neighbor doesn’t seem to have filed a complaint to the police.

Vibiana Molina Arrested
Vibiana Molina has not been arrested. (Image Source: Spiel Times)

DeVante Deschwanden, who is active on TikTok under the username @deschwanden, shared a video on 12 June showing a lady entering his house without his consent.

The TikTok user doesn’t seem to have recognized the woman, but she is a renowned media personality and former Fox 21 employee Vibiana Molina.

DeVante accused Molina of trespassing, saying he got his first Karen, who walked into his home.  The TikTok video has drawn much attention and sparked debate regarding the woman’s behavior and possible repercussions.

As already mentioned, Vibiana Molina has not been arrested. But authorities might have looked into the situation more thoroughly to determine whether or not legal actions are necessary.

Vibiana Molina Trespassing TikTok Video Gone Viral

In the viral TikTok video DeVante shared, a lady enters his home without his consent. DeCante can be heard saying that he got his first Karen. Molina said, “I know I am walking into your house.

As Molina walked down the stairs of DeVante’s home, she said she would report him to the owners as there was too much.

Vibiana also told Deschwanden to “not write entrance, rooftop, third floor” close to his front door if he didn’t want people to come inside. Deschwanden follows her outside and recorded the license plate number of Molina’s BMW.

Vibiana Molina Arrested
Vibiana Molina’s video took the internet by storm after allegedly trespassing on her neighbor’s house. (Image Source: TikTok)

Moreover, Devante described the situation in the caption of his viral TikTok video. He wrote he and his friends were having a small rooftop concert. He claimed he had previously told his neighbors, including Molina, that the concert would end by 10.

“It was not ten.” Yet, she decided it was okay to trespass on our property and walk through our entire house to get to our rooftop,” added the man.

DeVante further claimed that Molina threatened to call the police and was extremely hostile.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Molina oversaw Fox’s business and legal issues for the cable and streaming production company before joining Chernin Entertainment. In addition, Molina reportedly started working for Chernin Entertainment in the summer of 2021.

Chernin Entertainment and Vibiana Molina have yet to respond to the viral video.

Despite numerous social media users pleading with the studio to remove Molina, head of business and legal affairs, she is still employed by the company as of this writing.

While tagging Fox 21 News, one of the Twitter users wrote, “You all better check on your girl Vibiana Molina, Racist self.”

Another person wrote, “This Karen trespassed into a black man’s house announced while disclosing her identity. Similarly, another social media user said not to watch Chermin films as they employ racists before asking to watch the viral clip, referring to it as disgusting.

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