Francesca Farago Bisexual

Is Francesca Farago bisexual? The 2023 Perfect Match contestant once posted a video on YouTube addressing her gender and sexual orientation.

Francesca Farago is a Canadian YouTuber, internet celebrity, and reality television star. She is widely recognized for her appearance in Perfect Match, Love Is Blind, and Too Hot to Handle.

The reality TV star occasionally makes headlines with her personal life issues. The gorgeous lady once makes a buzz with her whirlwind romance with Demi Sims.

Her name has recently been linked with her Perfect Match co-star, Dom Gabriel. With so many ups and downs in her love life, many people seem confused about her sexuality.

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Is Francesca Farago Bisexual? Gender And Sexuality

Yes! The reality television show star Francesca Farago is bisexual. She is a woman, and her sexuality is not straight. She has been open about her sexual orientation and love life.

Francesca shared a YouTube video disclosing the news about her sexuality in September 2020. She openly addressed her sexuality, stating that she is attracted to people for who they are.

She also expressed gratitude for a culture where exploring one’s sexual orientation is celebrated. “I enjoy dating men and women, and I never dated a trans; I would! Like, it doesn’t matter to me how you identify,” the star added.

Is Francesca Farago And Demi Sims Still Together?

Francesca Farago and the Towie star Demi Sims are not together anymore. The Perfect Match cast addressed her tumultuous breakup with Demi, saying their love languages didn’t match up, and it fizzled out.

Francesca Farago Bisexual
Francesca Farago with her ex-girlfriend, Demi Sims. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The 29-year-old celebrity posed a long YouTube video where she disclosed that following their breakup, her ex-girlfriend deleted her, blocked her, and told her to level London.

According to Francesca, things moved quickly at the beginning of their relationship. She asked Demi to be her girlfriend after talking for three days. But, it started to ‘go south’ after she got sick with the coronavirus.

The reality tv star also believes that they live together right away. So they never had that dating period or getting-to-know-you period. Things got colder after Farago got Covid – she almost had to go to the hospital.

The Canadian celebrity also remarked that she felt unsupported during their time together. Francesca moved to the UK to be with Demi. “I was stressed and frustrated because I didn’t feel like Demi Sims was helping me – I’m moving across the country for this person,” she added.

Ultimately their relationship ended from their different expectations and love languages. “There were different things that we needed and wanted in a relationship. It just didn’t match up, and that’s fine,” Francesca continued.

Who Is Francesca Farago Dating Currently?

She is currently dating Jesse Sullivan. Contrary to their breakup rumors, the couple is still together.

Francesca Farago Bisexual
Francesca Farago recently shared a picture with her boyfriend captioning, “Love being in love.” (Image Source: Instagram)

Besides, Francesca Farago has been spotted loving up with a few other female influencers and models.

Regarding her on-screen romance, Francesca Farago and The Mole’s Dom Gabriel appeared to be a good couple on the new dating show Perfect Match.

But, things have been stirred up with the arrival of Love Is Blind’s Damian Powers. Francesca and Damian have a complicated history.

The next batch trailer of the Perfect Match episodes revealed that Gabriel had been paired with Georgia Hassarati. Following the switch, fans took to social media to address Gabriel and Farago’s relationship.

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