Is Francois Hougaard And Derick Hougaard Related

Is Francois Hougaard And Derick Hougaard Related? Find out the relationship between two well-known rugby union rugby players. 

Francois Hougaard is a professional rugby player from South Africa. Hougaard primarily played as a scrum half, known for his speed, agility, and strong passing skills.

Whereas Derick Hougaard is a former professional rugby player from South Africa. Hougaard began his professional rugby career in 2002 when he joined the Bulls, a team based in Pretoria, South Africa.

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Is Francois Hougaard And Derick Hougaard Related? Are They Brothers?

No, Francois Hougaard and Derick Hougaard are not brothers. Despite sharing the same last name and being South African rugby players, they are unrelated.

They come from different family backgrounds and do not have a direct familial relationship with each other.

Hougaard was raised in a family with four elder sisters, indicating that he is the only son in his immediate family.

On the other hand, information regarding Derick Hougaard’s siblings is yet to be readily available.

Is Francois Hougaard And Derick Hougaard Related
Francois Hougaard and Derick Hougaard share a surname and rugby careers but aren’t related. (Image Source: Sky News)

While both players have made notable contributions to South African rugby, there is no evidence to suggest that they are brothers or have a direct familial connection.

It is common for people to need clarification or assume a familial relationship between individuals who share the same family name and participate in the same sport.

Similar surnames can lead to assumptions of kinship, especially when individuals are involved in the same field or profession.

Derick Hougaard Family Details 

Derick Jacobus Hougaard, the former professional rugby player, was born on January 4, 1983, in Citrusdal, South Africa.

He is the son of Bontes and Riana Hougaard, and he shares a close bond with both of them. 

In 2013, Derick Hougaard married Karlien van Jaarsveld, a renowned South African singer-songwriter who primarily sings in Afrikaans.

Karlien had previously been the lead singer of the rock band Revolution before embarking on a successful solo career. However, their marriage ended in divorce in October 2015.

Derick and Karlien have twin boys named Daniel and Eliah, and despite their separation, they both remain committed to co-parenting and providing a nurturing environment for their children.

After the divorce, Karlien found love again and married Joe Breytenbach, a prominent South African rugby union player, in 2017.

They have since welcomed a son named Johannes Samuel and a daughter named Elah.

Is Francois Hougaard And Derick Hougaard Related
Derick Hougaard is currently pictured with his current girlfriend Nadine. (Image Source: South African)

Derick Hougaard is currently in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Nadine, with whom he has been together for over five years.

They made their relationship public in February 2018 and have attended events together, such as the Miss South Africa pageant.

Derick faced a health setback that required hospitalization. His family, including his parents and sister, rallied to support him and pray for his recovery.

His mother, Riana, expressed gratitude for the care and prayers from those holding her son dear, emphasizing the love and strength surrounding him during difficult times.

Derick Hougaard Net Worth Collection

As per the source, Derick’s net worth is $5 million. Yes, he is a millionaire.  

During his career as a professional rugby player, Derick Hougaard’s primary source of income would have been his rugby contracts and endorsements.

The exact contract salary of Derick has not been disclosed. Still, with an annual wage bill of R78 million, the average professional player earns around R609,375 annually, translating to a median monthly salary of R50,700.

So, he might have more or less than the salary mentioned, as he has never disclosed it publicly. 

Rugby players typically earn income through contracts with their respective clubs or teams, which may include salaries, match fees, and bonuses. 

Additionally, professional rugby players often have opportunities for endorsement deals with sports brands, sponsors, and other commercial ventures.

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