General Armageddon Arrested

Is General Armageddon arrested? According to rumors, Sergei “Armageddon” Surovikin of the Russian army was “arrested” after learning the plans for the Wagner insurrection.

Sergei Surovikin, an army general dubbed “General Armageddon” by the Russian media for his alleged cruelty.

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He is one of the senior generals who have vanished from the public eye following Saturday’s botched coup attempt to topple the top brass.

The hefty, shaven-headed 56-year-old was last seen on Saturday in a video where he begged Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group mercenaries, to quit while appearing uncomfortable and breathing heavily.

According to a New York Times report based on a U.S. intelligence briefing, Surovikin was aware of the rebellion in advance, and officials were investigating whether he was involved.

Although the Kremlin downplayed the claim, it chose not to comment on the general on Thursday. Read on till the end to know more about General Armageddon arrested news.

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Is General Armageddon Arrested: What Did He Do?

In response to the failed rebellion by the militia last week, Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin has imprisoned top Russian army commander Sergei Surovikin.

According to sources in Russia’s elite and Western government officials acquainted with the situation, Surovikin.

A senior Russian general known to get along well with Wagner’s head Yevgeny Prigozhin has been detained and has gone missing for several days.

General Armageddon Arrested
General Armageddon arrested amid reports he knew of Wagner’s revolt plans. (Source: Reuters)

It is yet unknown where Surovikin is being taken and whether he has been charged with plotting the rebellion or is merely being held for questioning.

Surovikin is the deputy commander of Russia’s invasion force in Ukraine and the head of its aerospace forces.

The Kremlin has neglected to explain why the general vanished from view, but Veronika Surovikin, her daughter, asserted that her father is in “perfect” condition.

Where Is He Now?

As soon as General Armageddon arrested, news went viral, and people wonder about his whereabouts. But it is yet to be revealed where Surovikin is being taken.

On Thursday, the Kremlin declined to respond to any queries concerning Surovikin and advised journalists to direct their inquiries to the defense ministry.

To understand how the Russian state came so close to collapsing, Sergei Markov, a pro-Kremlin political consultant and former MP, recommended that the net be expanded to include “absolutely all generals and officers who were in touch with Prigozhin and Wagner.”

The investigation’s primary goal is not to identify those who should be punished but to identify the systemic errors that various government actors committed.

“To prevent another uprising,” Markov said on Telegram’s social media platform.

Surovikin is probably being questioned for several days and many hours. He is the best informed, not because he is the primary suspect.

According to Markov, he is the expert because he served as Wagner’s primary point of contact with the defense ministry.

Surovikin, who earned the moniker “General Armageddon” for his savage bombardment strategies in Syria, received a promotion last autumn to oversee Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Details On General Armageddon

General Armageddon led forces sent to Syria for about eight months in 2017 while in charge of Russia’s giant Eastern Military District, assisting President Bashar al-Assad in his struggle against various opposition factions.

By the time he had completed his task, President Vladimir Putin was getting ready to visit to announce a reduction in Russian forces, and the civil war had shifted in Assad’s favor.

General Armageddon arrested
According to US intelligence, Sergei Surovikin was aware of the military uprising at least a few days before it took place. (Source: ABC)

Surovikin received a commendation as a Hero of Russia and was given leadership of the Russian Aerospace Forces. He was on par with Gerasimov’s rank as an Army General by 2021.

Despite Russia’s denial that it targets civilians, the monitoring organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 5,700 people were killed by Russian airstrikes and frequently indiscriminate bombing in the two years leading up to September 2017.

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