Is Graham Norton Still On TV

Amidst the recent allegations, there is speculation and curiosity among the public about whether Graham Norton will continue to be seen on TV.

The popular BBC One show, The Graham Norton Show, is set to wrap up its first season in 2023, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its return. 

However, viewers will need to exercise patience as the series faces a hiatus of several months before it makes a comeback later in the year. 

In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding the ending of the current season, explore the reasons behind the show’s hiatus, and provide a fact check on Graham Norton’s future TV appearances.

Fact Check: Is Graham Norton Still On TV? 

With the impending conclusion of The Graham Norton Show’s first season in 2023, some viewers may wonder whether the beloved host, Graham Norton, will continue to grace their TV screens.

The inaugural season of the BBC’s Graham Norton Show in 2023 is set to conclude this Friday, followed by two special episodes featuring highlights and memorable moments from the season. (Source:

Rest assured, Graham Norton is a part of the entertainment landscape and will return to TV in various capacities.

While The Graham Norton Show is set to go off the air for a few months, Norton will make appearances during this break. One such occasion is his involvement in the May BBC Eurovision Song Contest 2023 coverage. 

Norton, who has been part of the Eurovision commentary team for several years, expressed his honor and excitement about this year’s event, particularly due to his responsibility to represent his Ukrainian colleagues well.

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So, while The Graham Norton Show may be on a temporary hiatus, fans can look forward to seeing Norton’s charismatic presence during the Eurovision Song Contest coverage. 

Has Graham Norton Show Been Suspended?

In response to the allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Graham Norton, the BBC has taken decisive action by suspending the prominent television presenter from his show.

This tweet is discussing the recent suspension of a BBC presenter who has been accused of paying a teenager for photos. (Source: Twitter)

This move by the network reflects the seriousness with which it regards the allegations and its commitment to conducting a thorough investigation.

The suspension of The Graham Norton Show has caused disappointment among fans, as they will not be able to enjoy new episodes of the popular program during this period. However, it is crucial to prioritize the investigation process and ensure a fair and comprehensive examination of the allegations.

The BBC is responsible for thoroughly investigating any misconduct claims and taking appropriate measures based on the findings. 

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By suspending the show and initiating an investigation, the network demonstrates its dedication to addressing such matters and maintaining a safe and respectful working environment.

Graham Norton Acquisitions: What Did He Do? 

Graham Norton is facing serious allegations, although the specific details of the accusations have not been publicly disclosed. 

The nature of the misconduct and the specific actions attributed to Norton have not been revealed. The accuser, who remains unidentified, claims that Norton engaged in unacceptable and inappropriate behavior while working at the BBC, including misusing his position and creating an unprofessional work environment. 

The lack of specific information surrounding the allegations makes it challenging to provide further details regarding the accusations against Norton. The ongoing investigation will shed more light on the situation and determine the veracity of the claims.

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The allegations against Graham Norton have sparked widespread discussion and concern, highlighting the importance of addressing issues of misconduct and fostering safe working environments within the entertainment industry.

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