Haley Harrison Leaving KMBC

Is Haley Harrison leaving KMBC? Viewers have been asking this question following confusion about her future at the station.

Haley Harrison is an Emmy and Murrow award-winning news anchor, reporter, and documentarian.

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She currently works at KMBC-TV, Hearst Corp., based in Kansas City, United States, and is known for her commanding yet approachable delivery. 

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Is Haley Harrison Leaving KMBC? Where Is She Going?

Haley Harrison is indeed leaving KMBC. She confirmed the news through her tweet

“Last one! This is my final 9 pm newscast on @kmbc. It’s been an honor, Kansas City. Thank you,” she wrote in the tweet dated December 3.

Fans, viewers, and colleagues bid her farewell in the comment section, saying they will miss their favorite anchor and wish her and her family the best.

Haley Harrison KMBC
Haley Harrison is leaving KMBC. (Source: Twitter)

However, Haley did not mention her next destination. “I’ll post updates when I’m ready to announce. Thanks!” she replied to one commenter who asked where she would land next.

She had started posting countdowns until her last show on the station. She wrote a statement on her Facebook. 

“Friday, December 2, will be my last newscast at KMBC 9,” she wrote. Haley also took the opportunity to thank Kansas City.

She also mentioned that leaving her professional home for the past decade was not easy.

“Goodbyes can be difficult, but they make way for hopeful, new beginnings, too. I invite you to follow my journey,” she stated as she shared some pictures from her time at KMBC.

Haley likely has plans for her future endeavors but will share them with the fans soon when the time is right.

Also, as mentioned in the statement, she is taking a break to be with her family. Whatever the case, we hope to see her again soon.

Haley is happily married to Deron Harrison and is blessed with two daughters. One of them is named Caroline.

What Are Haley Harrison Career Earnings And Net Worth In 2024?

There is no official source of Haley Harrison’s net worth online. Few websites mention that it is between $1 million to $5 million.

The same site mentions that her annual earnings range between $24k to $72k, which is based on the salaries of KMBC reporters/ anchors. 

Haley did her bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a Political Science concentration at University of Kansas (2002-2006).

After graduation, she began her career by anchoring and reporting at 6News. Afterward, she worked at WHSV-TV and WJLA-TV before joining KMBC in April 2012.

Haley Harrison net worth and career earning
Haley Harrison during a live report in KMBC 9 Chronicle. (Source: Kansas City Magazine)

Haley has been with the channel for over ten years. As the channel’s news anchor and reporter, she delivered weekly news on-air at 5 and 9 pm after editing, fact-checking, and approving them.

She also identified and researched topics, interviewed people, and made content across multiple platforms like live television, the web, and social media.

Moreover, Haley pitched stories by participating in daily editorial meetings and worked to manage and communicate her brand through avenues of social media.

During her time at KMBC and prior channels, she covered events relating to sports, politics, crime, natural disasters, and human-interest stories.

Besides, Haley was the creator of two award-winning documentaries and emceed several non-profit fundraisers and events.

Moreover, she won Emmy awards for “Reporter” and “Journalistic Enterprise” and Edward R. Murrow Awards for “Continuing Coverage” and “News Documentary.”  

She was equally active in her college days and was vice president of recruitment at Alpha Chi Omega.

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