Ivy Queen A Girl Or Boy

Is Ivy Queen a girl or boy? With so many rumors and speculations circulating online, it is time to learn the truth.

In the world of Latin music, few names are as recognized as that of Ivy Queen, whose real name is Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodriguez.

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Known for her distinctive style and powerful voice, Ivy Queen has made a significant impact in the genres of hip-hop, Latin, and reggaetón.

However, her unique style has also sparked rumors and speculation about her gender identity.

Today we aim to address these rumors and provide a clear understanding of Ivy Queen’s identity. Keep reading.

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Is Ivy Queen A Girl Or Boy? Transgender Rumors Are False

Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodriguez, popularly known as Ivy Queen, is a renowned female artist hailing from Puerto Rico.

Ivy Queen A Girl Or Boy
Ivy Queen transgender rumors are false and she has always identified as a woman. (Image Source: Billboard)

She has made significant contributions to the music industry as a singer, rapper, composer, and actress.

Ivy Queen’s work spans across various genres, including hip hop, Latin, and reggaetón, earning her widespread recognition and acclaim.

In the midst of her successful career, Ivy Queen’s unique style and distinctive way of rapping have sparked rumors about her gender identity.

These rumors, circulating on the internet, suggested that Ivy Queen might be transgender. However, these speculations are baseless and false.

Puerto Rico-born artist has personally addressed these rumors, firmly stating that she is not transgender. The musician has always identified as a woman and continues to do so.

In addition to clarifying her gender identity, Ivy Queen has also expressed her unwavering support for her gay fans and the broader LGBTQ+ community.

The singer stands as a strong ally, advocating for their rights and representation.

Furthermore, Ivy Queen is not just a successful musician but also a devoted family woman. She is married and has children

The musician’s marital status and motherhood dismiss any misconceptions about her gender identity.

Nevertheless, Ivy Queen is a cisgender woman and a talented artist, who supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Ivy Queen Dating History

Ivy Queen has been romantically involved with many famous men in the past.

The singer’s first marriage was to Omar Navarro, also known as Gran Omar, a fellow reggaeton singer.

Ivy Queen A Girl Or Boy
Ivy Queen is a married woman and a proud mother of one daughter. (Image Source: USA Today)

The former couple’s marriage ended in 2005, after nine years. Queen has stated that their separation was due to Omar’s extensive travels and workload as a producer.

Following their divorce, Omar claimed that Ivy Queen had deceived him and owed him money from the sales and production of their joint album, Cosa Nostra: Hip-Hop.

This album was produced under their contract with Univision. Nonetheless, there were several controversies.

After her relationship with Omar, the artist was in a relationship with DJ Urba from mid-2006 to the end of 2007.

In 2010, rumors circulated that Queen was in a relationship with American actor Vin Diesel after she invited him to the 2010 Premios Juventud.

However, these rumors were never confirmed. In late 2012, the Puerto Rico native married Puerto Rican choreographer Xavier Sánchez.

The couple announced in June 2013 that they were expecting their first child. Before her natural pregnancy, the musician had adopted two Latino children.

She publicly revealed her pregnancy at the Calabash 2013 concert, headlined by R&B singer Chris Brown.

Ivy Queen and her current husband, Xavier Sánchez, welcomed their daughter, Naiovy Kháli Star Sánchez, on 25 November 2013.

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