J Prince Jr Still Alive

On November 1, one of the J Prince Jr Party attendees was shot and killed. What happened to J Prince Jr? The news of his death at home has flooded the Internet.

J Prince Jr, who also goes by the name Jas Prince well known as the son of James Prince, who currently serves as Empire Music Group’s Chief Executive Officer. 

He is also well-known for a restaurant in his area, and he is a prominent businessman who has been involved in diffrent kinds of business.

Additionally, he came into the limelight after his Father, James Prince. James Prince is known as the godfather of the rap music industry.

The news about him being involved in a murder has been going on Internet; what is the truth behind the information? Let’s find out.

Is J Prince Jr Still Alive?

Yes, Jas Prince is alive; the news about the death is from the guest at his House Party on November 1, 2022.

The victim killed at the Party was Takeoff; he was invited to the Party to celebrate Jas Prince’s birthday. 

The Party was in Houston, Texas, as per what the report has shared. Party was going on till 2 am, and suddenly the shooting happened at 2:30 pm on the balcony.

As soon as the shooting happened, Police arrived at the location and found out Takeoff was shot. So, Police confirmed that Takeoff was dead before they came in. 

‘Person of interest’ seen reaching for gun seconds before Migos rapper Takeoff was shot dead.
“Person of interest” was seen reaching for gun seconds before Migos rapper Takeoff was shot dead. (Image Source: New York Post)

Everyone was shocked to learn about the death; before his parents confirmed that the body was of Takeoff, no news was released. 

Takeoff was an American rapper famous for making hip-hop songs; he was also known as the trio of the hip-hop Migos.

He was making his way into the music industry; he passed away very early. The reason behind his death is yet to come out.

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Arrested In Houston On DUI And Gun Charges- What Did J Prince Jr Do?

After Police came and found out one of the guests had been murdered, J Price Jr, the owner of the Party, was arrested. 

But he was not the suspect. Investigator confirmed that there were almost 40 members during the death of Takeoff, so it will be hard to comfort the one who was involved in the murder. 

The incident happened on November 1, 2022, and the suscept Lil Cam was arrested after almost two weeks of investigation. 

Lil Cam is the prime suspect in the murder of Takeoff.
Lil Cam is the prime suspect in the murder of Takeoff. (Image Source: Twitter)

Joshua Cameron, who goes by Lil Cam 5th, is a 16-year-old member of Mob Ties Records and was suspected and taken into custody by Houston.

Not only Lil Cam but Jas Price has also been under Police custody because they claimed that he had something to do with the incident of Takeoff’s death.

So, Lil Cam was arrested on November 22 and is currently in custody at the Harris County jail. They have not confirmed that he was the murderer, but they are still questioning him about the death of Takeoff.

Lil Cam was previously involved in illegal work; he was released in April 2022. So, Police have been keeping a big eye on Lil Cam.

Hopefully, the Murder of Takeoff was soon in the hand of Police; more information is yet to come out. Viewers hope to get to know the murderer soon and want the person to be in jail for a lifetime.

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