Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai

Many people on the internet have been asking the question, “Is Jacob Gagai Related to Dane Gagai?” if you also want to know the truth, read this whole article.

Jacob Gagai is a rugby league player playing as a center for South Sydney Rabbitohs. The 6-foot-tall player has been active in this sport for quite a while and is doing pretty well.

Furthermore, Gagai made his debut in this sport with the team of the Newcastle Knights NSW Cup on March 6, 2016. Moreover, Gagai has been a part of many important games.

By his amazing performances, Jacob has also helped Rabbitohs to win some matches. Apart from his professional life, many people have been asking questions about his personal life.

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Is Jacob Gagai Related To Dane Gagai?

Yes, Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai are related to each other. The Gagais share the relationship of brothers. The Gagai brothers share a good bond and support each other, too.

Dane has also talked about his brother Jacob in some interviews. In the past, the brothers also planned to share a house with Knights lock Alex McKinnon.

Is Jacob Gagai Related To Dane Gagai
Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai are related to each other as they share the relationship of brothers. ( Source: Fox Sports )

Not to mention, Dane is a professional rugby league footballer playing for the Newcastle Knights in the National Rugby League (NRL).

Likewise, Dane has gained broad experience by playing for multiple teams in the past. Previously, he played for Australia and the New Zealand Maori at international level.

Both Jacob and Dane are doing pretty well in their professional life, and they must have helped each other to get success in this world. 

Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai Age Gap: How Old Are The Brothers?

Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai have five years of an age gap. Jacob was reportedly born on December 20, 1995, making his age 27 years as of 2023.

On the other hand, his brother Gagai was born on January 3, 1991, in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. As of 2023, Dane is 32 years old.

Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai Age
Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai have five years of an age gap, Jacob being the younger one. ( Source: Daily Telegraph )

Considering this fact, it can be confirmed that Dane is older than Jacob. From an early age, the brothers were exposed to sports and due to that, they may have been involved in this field.

Not to mention, the Gagai brothers are of Torres Strait Islander heritage through their family’s side.

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Take A Look At Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai Family Life

Jacob Gagai and Dane Gagai were raised in a superior family background. The Gagai brothers were born and raised in Australia, and their parents are Ray Gagai and Tania Gagai.

Their father, Ray, was reported to be a member of the Brisbane Broncos’ squad in the 1989 NSWRL season. The brothers grew up in a sporty family background, as most of them were involved in the same line.

The Gagai Family
The Gagai family were photographed in a single frame. ( Source: Instagram )

Their cousin Josh Hoffman is a New Zealand international rugby league footballer playing for the Townsville Blackhawks in the Queensland Cup.

Furthermore, Dane had the unique opportunity to represent Australia and New Zealand due to his Indigenous Australian and Maori heritage, making his eligibility remarkable.

So, it can be said that the brothers received great support from their family to pursue a career in the rugby world.

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