Is Japheth Koome Related To Martha Koome

People are eager to know how is Japheth Koome related to Martha Koome. Martha Karambu Koome is the country’s Chief Justice in Kenya; however, President William Ruto has suggested Japheth Koome Nchebere for the position of Inspector General.

Japeth Koome is currently serving as the Commandant of the National Police Service College in Kiganjo and previously held the position of Commander of the Nairobi County Police. According to Ruto, his name would be submitted to Parliament for approval.

Koome has spent his whole career in law enforcement, rising to become Senior Assistant Inspector General of Police. Throughout his stay in Nairobi, he served as the regional commander for Nairobi and the Officer Commanding Police Officer at Central Police.

After some time, Koome was moved to the Police force’s main office, where he is now the top deputy of Edward Mbugua, the deputy inspector general of the Police. Be with us till the end to know how is Japheth Koome related to Martha Koome.

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Is Japheth Koome Related To Martha Koome: Are They Siblings?

Talking about how is Is Japheth Koome related to Martha Koome, it has come to our knowledge via our extensive inquiry that Chief Justice Martha Koome and The Inspector of Police Japheth Koome are not connected. The CJ and IG only share the same surname, despite coming from the same county. I hope this has made your case.

They are both considered related since they share a surname, but there is no evidence that they are siblings or involved in any other kind of relationship.

Japheth has achieved success, rising through the ranks to become Edward Mbugua’s principal deputy as deputy inspector general of Police. Additionally, he has held the positions of regional commander for Nairobi and a commanding Police officer at Central Police Nairobi.

Is Japheth Koome Related To Martha Koome
Japheth Koome and Martha Koome. (Source: Internet)

In her role as a legal associate at Mathenge and Muchemi Advocates, Koome started her legal career. She played a key role in constitutional and legal reforms at the Law Society of Kenya.

She also participated in the constitutional review process as a delegate at the Bomas of Kenya, where she helped lead the discussion on the Bill of Rights.

Family of Japheth Koome & Martha Koome

Chief Justice Martha Koome represents the Ameru tribe. Additionally, Martha Koome is a Kenyan citizen. She is a native Ameru speaker and proficient in Swahili and English.

Martha Koome, the chief justice, identified as a country girl raised by hardworking peasant farmers. She is a member of a household with two wives and 18 kids. Because of this, she had few resources for her education and daily needs.

She is married to Koome Kiragu, and the couple has three children, all of whom are now adults. Martha’s experience from a low-income home inspired her to provide her kids with a better existence.

Is Japheth Koome Related To Martha Koome
Chief Justice of Kenya Martha Koome.

Talking about Japheth Koome, he is doing well in his line of work. Many people started looking up his personal history online and asking him questions once he was named Inspector General of Police. We did a lot of research and found out he’s married.

His spouse’s name has not yet been made widely known. He has also maintained behind-closed-doors information about his wife and kids. He loves his kids a lot. 

What is the Net Worth of Japheth Koome & Martha Koome?

For a Police officer, Japheth Koome receives a fair wage. He is a resident of a lavish mansion. He also received numerous benefits, including a House, a car, a chef, and many others. According to sources, he has an estimated $1.55 million USD net worth.

Koome has around $1 million estimated net worth. On May 13, the National Assembly’s Justice & Legal Affairs Committee held her confirmation hearing and recommended that the entire House confirm her appointment.

Is Japheth Koome Related To Martha Koome
Japheth Koome is a Kenyan Police officer, Inspector General of Police, and media figure. (Source: Capital News)

On May 19, the Committee’s findings were discussed before the entire House. On May 19, 2021, the entire House voted to endorse her nomination, opening the route for her appointment as Chief Justice.

On May 19, 2021, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed her as the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya just hours after Parliament approved her appointment. On May 21, 2021, she took the oath of office at the State House in Nairobi.

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