Is Jeff Dunham Related To Guitar Guy

Is Jeff Dunham Related To Guitar Guy? People think two fellow comedians, Jeff Dunham and Guitar Guy, are related. Get to know the relationship between two comedians via this article.

Dunham is a well-known comedian, ventriloquist, and Actor who has appeared in many television shows as an Actor and comedian. 

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Brian Elwin Haner Sr., well-known as a Guitar Guy, is also a comedian and singer famous for touring with Jeff Dunham.

People have known both as comedians; Haner and Dunham started their careers as teenagers.

Haner had his first guitar when he was five, and Dunham began ventriloquism when he was eight.

Stay with us to learn about Jeff Dunham and Guitar Guy, and this article will also include their relationship.

Is Jeff Dunham Related To Guitar Guy? Are They, Siblings

Jeff Dunham and Guitar Guy are not related; they are not siblings.

As you can see, Brian Elwin Haner Sr is the full name of Guitar Guy, and they do not share the same last name; this is the one reason that makes it clear that they are not siblings.

People have often seen Haner Sr. and Dunham together on their tour so that people might have needed clarification about their relationship.

Guitar Guy and Jeff Dunham performing together in 2009.

Guitar Guy and Jeff Dunham performed together in 2009. (Image Source: The Stunt Dog Guy TM)They are close to each other; often, people like seeing the duo together, but they do not share a blood relationship.

Dunham and Haner Sr. are good friends as they have often been seen together. 

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Jeff Dunham Family Tree 

Jeff Dunham was adopted by real estate appraiser Howard Dunham with his wife Joyce when he was three months old. 

Dunham was their only child of them; his parents were very supportive of him.

When he was eight years old, his parents sent him a Mortimer Snerd dummy along with a how-to album as a Christmas present.

After getting to know and learning in the mirror for hours and more, he began ventriloquism. 

There has always been little information about his parents in public. 

Talking about family, he has been married two times and shares children. Paige Brown was his first wife he married in the year 1994.

They adopted a one and half year old child and gave her the name Bree. The couple also shares two biological children, Ashlyn (1995) and Kenna (1997). Then the couple got separated on November 2008. 

Jeff Dunham with his second wife and children.
Jeff Dunham with his second wife and children. (Image Source: Country Thang Daily)

Then, Dunham married his second wife, Audrey Murdick, in 2012, and in 2014 the couple announced via Facebook that they were blessed with twin boys, James Jeffrey and Jack Steven. And they were separated in 2015; they did not last long.

Guitar Guy Family Tree

Talking about Brian Elwin Haner Sr.’s family, he has not publicly disclosed information about his parents. 

Haner Sr has his own family now and has been married to Suzy Haner, a comedic hypnotist. The couple shares a daughter, McKenna. 

Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Brian Haner Jr, aka Synyster Gates,with his father Brian Haner Sr
Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Brian Haner Jr, aka Synyster Gates, with his Father Brian Haner Sr. (Image Source: Ultimate Guitar)

Before getting married to Suzy Haner, he married Jan Smith Gera. They share two sons, Brian Haner Jr. and Brent Haner. 

Net Worth Difference between Jeff Dunham and Guitar Guy 

Although both of them are well-known and successful comedians, there is a vast difference between their net worth. 

According to the Sources, his net worth update of Dunham is $140 million. His major source of income is his career as a comedian and Actor. 

There is a vast difference; as per the Sources, the net worth of Guitar guy is $16 million, which is not even half as of Dunham.

His primary income source is his comedian, musician, and author career. 

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