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Is Jerrell Powe In Jail? is a common question for the retired American football nose tackle Jerrell Powe.

The Kansas City Chiefs selected Powe in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He was an Ole Miss collegiate football player.

In his junior year at Wayne County High School in Waynesboro, Mississippi, Powe recorded 71 tackles and 14 sacks.

As a senior, he recorded 89 tackles, nine quarterback sacks, and five forced fumbles. Powe later received All-American recognition from Parade and USA Today.

Powe, rated as a five-star recruit by, was ranked as the third-best defensive lineman prospect in the country, behind Callahan Bright and DeMarcus Granger.

Over Texas A&M, LSU, and Auburn, he chooses Ole Miss. Powe started for the Rebels as a full-time starter in 2009.

After being selected by the Houston Texans in the 2006 NFL Draft, he played for several clubs.

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Is Jerrell Powe In Jail? Former NFL Player Arrested And Charged With Kidnapping

A former football player for the University of Mississippi and the NFL has been detained in Mississippi on suspicion of kidnapping.

The answer to the question Is Jerrell Powe In Jail? is Yes, as he was Arrested And Charged With Kidnapping.

Jerrell Powe, 35, remained detained on Monday with no bail set in the Jackson neighborhood of Ridgeland. Counsel may represent him.

Is Jerrell Powe In Jail?
The answer to the question Is Jerrell Powe In Jail? is Yes, as he was Arrested And Charged With Kidnapping. (Source: KCRA)

Gavin Bates, 35, and Powe were detained Thursday at a city bank.

The kidnapping, according to Ridgeland Police Chief Brian Myers, started in Laurel, which is 75 miles southeast of Jackson, and concluded when the victim was able to get in touch with Ridgeland Police.

The victim is secure, he claimed. Powe is due to appear in court for the first time on Tuesday.

The answer to the question Is Jerrell Powe In Jail? is Yes, as he was Arrested And Charged With Kidnapping.

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Jerrell Powe Net Worth 2023

Jerrell seems to be a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his net worth, as the athlete is yet to reveal more details about it.

According to various sources, Jerrell Powe’s net worth is estimated at around $10 million as of 2023. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the athlete himself.

He has earned millions throughout his career by signing bonuses, salaries, and endorsements.

Powe began his professional football journey when he enrolled at Ole Miss University. He played defensive tackle for four years before entering the NFL draft in 2006 as a sixth-round pick with Houston Texans.

jerrell powe net
Jerrell Powe is on the field. (Source: News Week)

With Ole Miss University alone, he earned over $2 million from salary alone during his three years there until 2009.

From 2010 onwards, Jerrel also received additional income from endorsement deals such as Reebok’s ‘My Time’ Campaign, which saw him feature alongside top athletes like LeBron James & Kobe Bryant – all contributing towards increasing net worth significantly since then too!

In addition to playing professional football, Jerrell Powe also works as an analyst for ESPN, where they pay him handsomely every month – further adding to his total wealth amounting to approximately 10 million USD (or 7mill GBP).

Even though it took time & hard work throughout college & post-college days alike, ultimately, it was well worthwhile considering how much money this athlete now enjoys.

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