Is Jimmy Hart Related To Bret Hart

Is Jimmy Hart related to Bret Hart? Find out the relationship between Jimmy Hart and Bret Hart, who share the same family name. 

Jimmy is a former professional wrestler and manager best known for his work in various wrestling promotions, including the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and Memphis Wrestling.

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Jimmy is also a musician and has released several albums, including “Outrageous Conduct” and “The Jimmy Hart Song Book.”

Bret is a retired professional wrestler and a legendary Hart wrestling family member. He is considered one of the greatest technical wrestlers in history and is known for his technical prowess and storytelling ability in the ring.

Bret held several championships, including the WWF, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Champions.

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Is Jimmy Hart Related To Bret Hart? Are They Brothers?

No, Jimmy and Bret are not related by blood. While both Bret Hart and Jimmy Hart are well-known figures in professional wrestling and share the same last name, they are unrelated.

Bret was born into the Hart wrestling family and had several siblings involved in wrestling, while Jimmy’s surname is simply a coincidence.

He started his career working for his father's promotion, Stampede Wrestling
He started his career working for his father’s promotion, Stampede Wrestling. (Image Source: USA Network)

While they are both well-known figures in professional wrestling, they have no familial relationship with one another, and it has been cleared out online. 

Jimmy Hart And Bret Hart Age Gap

Jimmy Hart and Bret Hart have an age gap of approximately 13 years.

Jimmy was born on January 1, 1944, which makes him 80 years old. 

Bret was born on July 2, 1957, which makes him 66 years old. 

Jimmy and Bret started their careers in professional wrestling at a young age and went on to achieve success and make a name for themselves in the industry.

Jimmy Hart Family Details 

Hart, whose real name is James Ray Hart, has not publicly shared much information about his personal life and family.

While there is not much information publicly available about Jimmy’s parents, he has mentioned in interviews that they played a significant role in his career.

Hart has been married to his wife, Michelle Lamerely, since 1970, and they have four children. 

 "The Mouth of the South", is a highly respected and iconic wrestling manager who has been involved in the wrestling industry for several decades.
 “The Mouth of the South” is a highly respected and iconic wrestling manager who has been involved in the wrestling industry for several decades. (Image Source: TheSportster)

The information about their children has not been mentioned publicly. The wrestling manager prefers to keep his personal life secret. 

Aside from this, not much information is publicly known about Hart’s family life, as he has kept his personal life private throughout his career in the wrestling industry.

Jimmy Hart And Bret Hart Net Worth Difference 

Both have earned wealth through their long and successful wrestling career. There is no vast difference in their net worth or career earnings. 

According to the source, Jimmy’s net worth is $5 million. He has been earning as a wrestler, manager, and commentator, as well as through his work as a musician and songwriter.

Jimmy is best known for his work as a manager, where he guided some of the biggest stars in wrestling, such as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and The Honky Tonk Man.

According to the source, Bret net worth is $7 million as of a recent update. Bret earned this wealth through his successful wrestling career and worked as a writer and actor.

He started his career working for his father’s promotion, Stampede Wrestling, before joining the World Wrestling Federation in 1984.

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