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Is Joanna Page Pregnant Again? Check your facts on the famous actress’s pregnancy rumors and health in 2023. 

Joanna Louise Page, professionally known as Joanna Page, is an actress and presenter from Wales.

Gavin & Stacey, a television show that won a BAFTA, featured her as Stacey Shipman. She portrayed Dora Spenlow in the 1999 David Copperfield dramatization.

Additionally, she appeared as Just Judy in the romantic comedy Love Actually in 2003. Presently, she and Melanie Sykes co-host the BBC One consumer series Shop Well for Less.

The actress’ pregnancy rumors have been circulating the internet as of November, 2023. Scroll this article until the end to find out the truth of the matter and her health in 2023.

Fact Check: Is Joanna Page Pregnant Again? Baby Bump

There is no official information about Joanna Page’s pregnancy on the internet or the actress’ social handles. As a result, we can safely assume that the rumors about Page’s pregnancy are false.

However, another actress Joanne Tucker is expecting a baby this year with her husband, Adam Driver, an actor.

So, people might have misunderstood the pregnancy of two actresses with the same first name. The misunderstanding might have led to the circulation of Page’s pregnancy news online.

Joanna Page Pregnant
Joanna Page of Gavin & Stacey displayed a HUGE pregnancy bump as she was ready to give birth to her third child in 2021. (Source: The Irish Sun)

Having said that, the actress Page already has four children with her husband, James Thornton. James is a former Emmerdale actor. 

The two first connected when they both had appearances in the 1999 television series David Copperfield, but it wasn’t until one year later that a mutual acquaintance formally introduced them.

James and Joanna were wed in 2003. With her spouse James Thorton, Joanna has two daughters, Eva and Boe, and two sons, Kit and Noah, totaling four kids.

In December 2016, Joanna and James welcomed their youngest boy, which they shared on social media at the time.

She and her husband, James, announced in August 2021 that the couple were expecting their fourth child.

The fourth child of Joanna was born on December 12, 2021. ‘Welcome to our family Boe Willow Russell,’ she posted on Instagram when announcing the news. We are entirely devoted to you.”

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Joanna Page Health 2023: What Happened To The Actress?

Joanna Page has perfect health in 2023. She is not suffering from any diseases. However, the actress has faced several health scares in her lifetime. 

The star of Stacey explained in an interview from 2010 how, without her daily medication, she would have died or gone into a coma.

Despite having a cheery demeanor, the 46-year-old claimed she felt exhausted for a year until tests revealed the physical problem was to blame.

Joanna Page health
Joanna Page went on a lifelong medication after she was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. (Source: Entertainment Daily)

The Swansea actress, who starred in Gavin and Stacey opposite Ruth Jones and James Corden, claims she lost her typical vigor and started to shiver while sitting about the house.

James Thornton, who plays the husband in Emmerdale, eventually convinced her to visit a doctor.

The new Superdrug face was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid after tests revealed this, and she was given lifelong medicine to take.

She remarked, “I just started to feel like I was in slow motion all the time. I simply lacked energy. I would get out of bed, load the washer, and then be so exhausted that I would have to spend the rest of the day sitting still.”

The actress, known for having an effervescent personality, began babbling out of fear that her profession would suffer from energy loss.

The thyroid gland in the neck produces insufficient amounts of the hormone thyroxine when it is underactive. The actress must now take thyroxine tablets daily, as suggested by the doctors.

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