Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra

Joey Calcateraa and Grant Calcaterra share the same last name, and both are sports personalities. Hence, many people ask if Joey Calcaterra is related to Grant Calcaterra. 

Grant Calcaterra and Joey Calcaterra are two talented names who are working hard to establish their identities in the sports sector. 

Grant Calcaterra is a prolific American football tight end who currently plays in the National Football League (NFL) for the Philadelphia Eagles. He attended Oklahoma for his college football career before transferring to SMU.

After suffering multiple concussions during his college career, Calcaterra decided to retire from football in November 2019.

He later announced his intention to return to football and transferred to Auburn University in 2020, but ultimately decided not to play due to concerns over his health.

The Philadelphia Eagles selected Grant with the 198th overall choice in the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The Eagles then offered him a $3.8 million contract with a $174,142 signing bonus.

On the other hand, an American men’s basketball player currently plays at UConn. He spent a four-year college career playing at the University of San Diego. 

Now, via this article, let’s explore if Joey and Grant are related to one another.

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Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra? Are They Brother

Joey Calcaterra is not related to Grant Calcaterra. Despite sharing a last name and both athletes, they are not related to each other.

Joey’s birth name is Joseph Edward Calcaterra while Grant doesn’t have a middle name. Additionally, the two sports personalities have different family backgrounds and come from different parts of the United States.

Joey Calcaterra was born in Novato, while Grant Calcaterra was born in Cincinnati.

Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra
Grant Calcaterra spending quality time with his two brothers and one sister. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Joey Calcaterra and Grant Calcaterra are not related biologically or through their families. It’s just a chance that they have the same last name.

Overall, there is no documented relationship between the two athletes, although it is conceivable that they may have distant relatives who share the surname, Calcaterra.

Joey Calcaterra’s Family Tree Explored

Joey was welcomed into this world on October 15, 1998 in Novato, California, United States, by extremely loving and supportive parents. He is a doting son of Rich and Wendy Calcaterra.

Joey Calcaterra’s parents have supported their son’s professional journey and are proud to witness his growth. Moreover, the basketball player comes from a loving and supportive household.

Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra
Joey Calcaterra’s parents are grateful to witness their son’s professional achievements. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from being a loving son, Joey is also a supportive and kind brother of two. He has two elder brothers, Nick Calcaterra and Frank Calcaterra.

Both his brothers play basketball, and all the Calcaterra siblings share a tight-knit bond. While Nick plays at San Francisco State, Frank plays at Cal Lutheran.

All About Grant Calcaterra’s Family Tree

The Philadelphia Eagles football tight end Grant Calcaterra also comes from a kind and supportive household.

He was welcomed into this world by giving and inspiring parents on December 4, 1998, in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S..

Grant Calcaterra’s parents are Chris Calcaterra and Diane Calcaterra. His parents are from California, and his dad, Chris,, is a chief vice president at Glaukos Corporation.

His parents exchanged the wedding vows on November 5, 1988, and have been together ever since.

Furthermore, the football player grew up alongside two brothers and one sister. His siblings are Andrew, Nick, and Claire.

The Calcaterra siblings are supportive of each other’s career and are shining in their respective fields. 

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