John Tory Arrested

Is John Tory arrested? After the mayor resigned from his post, the scandal and controversy have not stopped. 

John Tory served as Toronto’s 65th and current mayor since 2014; he was elected for the third time in 2022. 

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The mayor is a former lawyer; before running for the mayoral candidate, he was a businessman and a lawyer. He first decided to run for the candida in 2003, which he lost to David Miller.

Then, he again decided to run in 2014, which he won and became the 65th mayor of Toronto, reelected in 2018 and 2022. 

The mayor resigned unexpectedly on Friday night and was only in the post for six months after being reelected.

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Is John Tory Arrested?

The mayor has not been arrested following the news; he has confessed that he was in a relationship with a team member. 

After John Tory revealed that he made a poor decision being with the women, people expected that he would get arrested or charged for that. 

But he has not been arrested, and it does not seem like he will get arrested soon. 

John Tory, mayor of Toronto, announced on Friday night he was stepping down from his position.
John Tory, mayor of Toronto, announced on Friday night he was stepping down from his position. (Image Source: The New York Times)

Also, many people have become against the mayor after he confessed to developing a relationship with a former staff member.

The women’s identity has not been out of it, and the couple split with a mutual understanding a long time ago. 

The former staffer left for another job, and they decided to go their separate way, although it has been confirmed she worked together before going for a job outside the City Hall.

People have been going against the mayor and have wanted him to get arrested. Many of them have confessed their thoughts through social media platforms.

But he has not been arrested and might not get charged for the controversy, as he has decided to resign from the post.

65th Mayor of Toronto Scandal And Controversy Explained

Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie will be serving and will have the power of the mayor till the 2023 election. 

Late at night on Friday, he revealed that he had resigned from his position because he was in a relationship with a team member. 

He described the relationship as “a serious error in judgment on my part,” The mayor mentioned that he started during a pandemic. 

Tory released a statement apologizing to the City and his wife, with whom he had a relationship for more than 40 years.

As per Tory’s words, “Most of all, I apologize to my wife, Barb and my family, who I’ve let down more than anyone else.”

John Tory announces resignation after admitting to affair with now ex-staffer
John Tory announces resignation after admitting to an affair with now ex-staffer. (Image Source: Toronto Star)

He showed remorse to his staff, council colleagues and the public service.

Although he ended the relationship with the woman before she left the job outside the City, he wanted to confess it before its too late.

So, the mayor will get replaced in the 2023 election, and people will select their new mayor for the City in 2023. 

The mayor has apologized to city people who had high expectations of him, and he has asked for the privacy of himself and his family after sharing the statement. 

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