Is Josh Richards Leaving BFFS Podcast

Is Josh Richards Leaving BFFS Podcast? People are curious to learn the reason behind Richards leaving the podcast. 

Josh Richards is an internet personality and has been a co-host with David Portnoy in BFFS Podcast. 

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He is a media influencer, and people have been following him for a long time; he currently has 2.25 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. 

Along with YouTube, he is active on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram; he often includes sports content, dancing, lip-syncing, comedy, and video skits.

The BFFS podcast co-host has been involved in movies, Brother’s Keeper, Summertime Dropouts, and the upcoming Dream Scenario. 

Richards has been famous for his content; learn more about the recent news update through his article, and share your thoughts. 

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Is Josh Richards Leaving BFFS Podcast?

Josh Richards has uploaded a Youtube video titled, “I’M LEAVING BFF’S PODCAST BECAUSE OF THIS.” 

After the video was uploaded, people started believing he would leave the show, but he has not shared whether he is going to the show. 

Josh Richards shared a video about Leaving BFFS Podcast.
Josh Richards shared a video about Leaving BFFS Podcast. (Image Source: Youtube)

Richards mentioned he has no friends, and after podcasts and everything, he always goes to his home feeling lonely. 

Richards said he thought he could be friends with people and share things when he started podcasting, but people couldn’t be friends during the interview. 

The reason might be not having friends, but he will not leave anytime soon. People have commented that it will be different if he goes to the show. 

The audience watching the BFFS podcast has loved his performance and way of hosting the show, and female fans love his voice.

Hopefully, Richards will not leave the show soon; he has yet to share about going on other platforms, and he might use the title to gain more attention, which is almost done by many YouTubers. 

Although he has mentioned that he will leave it in the title of the video, watching the full video, there is no message about going to the show. 

Viewers needed clarification and asked questions through the comment section, Is he going to leave or not? 

Hopefully, he will mention it clearly in his next Youtube video. 

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What Happened To Josh Richards, And Where Is He Now?

Viewers who watched his video about leaving the show got worried and started raising questions on the Internet. 

The video has been shared on different platforms as well, and people have believed that he will leave the show and have been curious about where he will go next. 

Richards has been doing great with his health condition; he only mentioned that he is lonely and has no friends. 

The co-host is sticking to the show and will present himself as always; you can find his Tiktok and Youtube videos like normal. 

Nothing serious has happened to his health condition, and he is not leaving the show soon. 

Josh Richards became a TikTok star making nearly $1,000 a minute.
Josh Richards became a TikTok star making nearly $1,000 a minute. (Image Source: CNBC)

Richards is a public figure; he has more than 6 million followers on his Instagram; if he were not doing good, he would have updated his health condition with his followers. 

So, to be precise, the internet personality, who has millions of followers, is not going anywhere and has been doing great with his health condition. 

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