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Many fans are wondering whether Kai Cenat is still in jail. Here is more about the American YouTuber and the controversy that led him to jail.

Kai Cenat is an American streamer famous for live streaming on the popular platform, Twitch and posting videos on YouTube. 

Cenat has millions of followers on his social media accounts, with 3.6 million on his Twitch channel alone. 

The 21-year-old is a popular YouTube group AMP member, along with Din Muktar, ChrisNxtDoor, Duke Dennis Gaming, ImDavisss, and JustFanum.

The American content creator is often surrounded by controversy. Recently, he was accused by Jovi Pena of refusing to help her.

Due to some contentious actions and statements, Kai is suspected of being jailed. But is he still locked up? Let’s find out.

Is Kai Cenat Still In Jail?

Kai Cenat is not in jail, and the rumors of him being jailed are baseless.

Recently, Cenat posted an update on his Twitter, informing his fans that the planned fan meetup scheduled for Hyde Park had been canceled. 

Fans suspected that he had been jailed for the meetup being canceled. He posted the update on the morning of the supposed meetup on January 7.

kai cenat still in jail
Kai Cenat poses in front of his orange Lamborghini Urus. (Source: Instagram)

The reason for Cenat’s withdrawal from the event on such short notice has led netizens to assume that he has been in real trouble.

Twitch streamer and AMP member Kai Cenat took to his socials to inform that his upcoming Hyde Park fan meetup has been canceled following his involvement in the sexual assault scandal.

Social media stars are often in the middle of controversy and their brush-ups with the law. Take iShowSpeed for an example.

Speed was once arrested in his home during live streaming. And recently, he was on the news due to his link with Amio Talio and the Paradise crypto scam.

Kai Cenat Charge And Rape Controversy

TikTok star Jovi Pena accused Kai Cenat of refusing to help her after her alleged rape.

According to Pena, who has 123K followers on TikTok, she was invited to a New Year’s Eve party by Cenat.

After some time, when she informed him that she wanted to leave, Cenat advised her to sleep in one of the rooms upstairs because she was drunk.

jovi pena
Jovi Pena (pictured) accused Kai Cenat of downplaying and refusing to help her. (Source: Instagram)

Pena slept in the room, thinking that it was safe. However, a person named Djigui Sack came into the room and brutally raped her to the point that she bled.

When she woke up, the accused was still on top of her, and when she confronted him, Sack replied that it was his bed, and that is why he “did what he did.”

The traumatized Pena contacted Cenat and told him about the incident, to whom he replied that he did not know who the person was and that he had already left.

However, when Pena found out that Cenat and Sack knew each other from years ago, she confronted him, which he downplayed.

Hence, the victim took on social media to open up about the unfortunate incident and to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Due to the controversy and how it went viral, Kai canceled the scheduled London meetup with fans. 

Amid controversy, Kai Cenat canceled the Hyde Park meetup. (Source: Twitter)

Kai responded on his stream, claiming that he contacted the police and his lawyers and did not want to make the incident public.

He added that he and Djigui Sack had been good friends since high school but did not know about the alleged rape. 

Kai also clarified that he had not been in contact with either Sack or Pena since the party. 

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