Is Kamala Harris Still Alive?

American politicians gained reader attention after she tweeted about her mother’s Cancer diagnosis. Is Kamala Harris Still Alive?

Kamala Devi Harris is an established politician and attorney who is serving as the 49th and current vice president of the United States.

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The first female vice president, Kamala is the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history who became vice president upon inauguration alongside President Joe Biden.

Kamala has two decades of a successful political career, her public life notching up to a long list of things to achieve.

The politician rose to prominence after becoming the pioneer Black woman to be elected district attorney in California history, the first woman to be California’s attorney general.

In addition, Kamala is the first Indian American senator, Black woman and Asian American selected as a vice presidential candidate for a major-party ticket.

While pursuing a law degree at UC Berkeley, Kamala shared a passion for the civil rights movement and used to protest in a stroller.

Is Kamala Harris still Alive?

Yes, the American politician is alive and in good health.

Kamala gravitated the attention of the international media concerning her health after she shared her embracing her mother on her Twitter.

 Is Kamala Harris Still Alive?
Kamala Harris’s mother was diagnosed with Cancer. (Source: Twitter)

In the Tweet, she revealed her mother’s diagnosis of Cancer. Furthermore, she talked about ensuring paid family and medical leave for every worker.

The politician is the eldest of two children born to Shyamala Gopalan, a Cancer researcher from India, and Donald Harris, an economist from Jamaica.

In 2014, Kamla, her husband Isaac, and Harris were all part of San Francisco’s extended law. They ordered family – Isaac Espinoza as a Police officer and Harris as the city’s newly elected district attorney.

What Happened To Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harries is in good health, but her mother was diagnosed with Cancer.

Diving deeper into Kamal’s life, the politician has not publicly confirmed her other illness and chronic health issues.

As a result, several online media claims Kamala is healthy.

 Is Kamala Harris Still Alive?
US Vice-President Kamala Harris’s trip to Hanoi in Vietnam was delayed due to a possible case of the “Havana Syndrome”.(Source:Politico)

In 2021, the politician captivated intentional media attention after U.S. Vice-President Kamala’s trip to Hanoi in Vietnam was delayed due to a possible case of the “Havana Syndrome.”

Kamala is America’s first black lady elected district attorney in California history, has her roots are linked to Indian Origin.

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Kamala Harris’s ***** Hoax Debunked

Unlike other celebrities, Kamala Harri’s hoax ***** ignited the debunked, due to which we can observe several headlines in the media regarding her health.

It is customary in today’s era to make the ***** of a renowned person a ***** hoax after they publicize their ill health.

Before her ***** hoax, posts on Facebook falsely suggest that Democratic Senator and Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris’s claims of both her Jamaican and Indian ancestry are inauthentic. 

As of now, The Senator has long been identified as both Black and Indian. Kamala recognizes both parents’ heritage as part of her identity.

Even her senate bio reads that Kamala is “the second African-American woman and first South Asian-American senator in history.

In the wake of the 2010 United States foreclosure crisis, Kamala obtained two of the most significant recoveries in the history of California’s False Claims Act $241 million from Quest Diagnostics and $323 million from the SCAN healthcare network – over excess state Medi-Cal and federal Medicare payments.

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