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The Police secured an arrest warrant for Kareef Easington, prompting the question, Is Kareef Easington Arrested? 

In connection with the tragic shooting of a woman and child in Swissvale, Police had previously been looking for Easington, 35, to interview.

The Police identified the victims as Megan J. Campbell, 39, and Lyla Campbell, 7.

After Police were alerted to the building in the 7800 block of Sailor Place, the two victims were discovered shot dead in their apartment on Wednesday morning.

When emergency personnel got on the spot on Wednesday, Easington wasn’t there. Around 10:15 am, Police were summoned to the residence in the 7800 block of Sailor Place to assist emergency personnel in entering.

According to Police, a call for a male experiencing chest issues in an apartment came in from a county 911 dispatcher.

When the paramedics came, the dispatched apartment didn’t respond. When they contacted property management, they discovered that the 911 call originated from a different unit on the same floor.

To enter the residence, Swissvale Police were called when the medics could not do so. Both victims were determined to have been shot by first responders.

Police discovered two 9mm casings, a T-Mobile SIM card, and a Ford car key in the toilet in the apartment’s bathroom, according to the criminal complaint.

The gray Ford Fusion parked behind the apartment registered to Easington, and the key matched.

The SIM card was tracked to a phone number that matched the one a witness claimed to be Easington’s. At the apartment, there were other papers with Easington’s name.

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Is Kareef Easington Arrested? 35 Years Old Man Accused Of killing Swissvale Mother And Child

The answer to the question Is Kareef Easington Arrested?  Yes as the suspect in the shooting deaths of a mother and her daughter, has finally been taken into custody.

At about 9:50 pm on Saturday, deputies from the Allegheny County Sheriff’s office detained 35-year-old Kareef Easington at the junction of Seventh Avenue and Smithfield Street.

According to criminal records, there were numerous calls to the building from emergency services. One was for a welfare check on the 15th, shortly after 9 am.

The second incident involved a male with chest problems that occurred minutes later. Then, witnesses informed the Police that Kareef Easington was speaking in those conversations.

Kareef Easington Arrested
victims of a woman and child shooting in Swissvale are Megan J. Campbell, 39, and Lyla Campbell, 7. (Source: WPXI)

Authorities claim they uncovered nothing on either call, but they did discover the rings originated from a Megan Campbell-owned phone.

They discovered a door secured with weights and an internal chain when they looked inside her flat.

Police claim that they discovered both individuals dead from multiple gunshot wounds when they gained entry.

The lawsuit states that earlier that morning, Megan had called a friend and disclosed that Easington had attempted to “strangle” her the day before.

Authorities claim that Easington did not attempt to get back to the apartment. They think he may have initially run away to Homestead despite having connections to Jamaica and New Jersey.

The Allegheny County Jail is where Easington is being detained. In connection with the incident, Easington is accused of tampering with evidence and two counts of criminal homicide.

The Police describe Easington as a Black male who weighs 180 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Investigators learned that Easington had family in New Jersey, connections in Jamaica, and initially fled to Homestead.

Hence, The answer to the question Is Kareef Easington Arrested? is Yes

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