Kelly Evans Pregnant Again

Is Kelly Evans pregnant again in 2023? A well-known business news reporter, Kelly, has gained notoriety in the media and the adoration of many via her experience becoming a mother.  

American journalist Kelly Evans is a co-anchor of the CNBC business news program Power Lunch. 

She was based at the CNBC Europe offices in London, England, from May 2012 to May 2013, and she is now based at the CNBC headquarters in New Jersey. 

She worked as an economics correspondent for The Wall Street Journal before joining CNBC, where she wrote for “Heard on the Street,” the “Ahead of the Tapes” column, and the daily “News Hub” on 

She frequently appeared on several television news programs before joining CNBC. 

Following the births of her four children, there have been rumors that Kelly Evans is carrying a fifth child in recent years. Is Kelly Evans pregnant again in 2023? Be with us till the end to know about it.

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Is Kelly Evans Pregnant Again In 2023?

Is Kelly Evans Pregnant Again In 2023? No, Kelly Evans is not expecting it at this time. There are numerous rumors on the Internet that the CNBC anchor is expecting her second child this year. 

This is not the case, though; all of this is just conjecture from the general population. There are no hints or other indications that she is expecting her fourth child. 

Despite being active on Twitter, she had not yet made any such mentions. The journalist posts infrequently to her Instagram account. 

She published nothing indicating that she is expecting to have a child. Kelly Evans is not pregnant in 2023 as a result. 

Kelly Evans Pregnant Again
The news of Kelly Evans Pregnant again is not true. (Source: X)

Kelly Evans’ pregnancy is in the news because of speculation that she may be expecting. It’s unclear exactly how they thought or believed she was pregnant. 

It may be because certain news sources covered it and because people started to speculate that she was pregnant. 

But there is no actual proof; everything is simply people’s rumors. If she had been expecting, she also would have told everyone. Kelly may be an extremely private individual who rarely uses social media. 

Therefore, it is difficult to learn more about her or gather any information about her.  

Children And Husband Of Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans and her husband maintain a very secluded lifestyle and keep their kids largely hidden from the public. 

They haven’t yet given any details about their four kids. A year after their wedding, in 2018, the couple welcomed a son as their first child. 

Their first child’s name is Paul, and he is four and a half years old. The birth of her first child was also honored by CNBC by publishing an emotional video of the occasion.

The couple welcomed their second child in 2019, one year after the birth of their first child. Greg, their second kid and a boy, is over three years old.

Kelly Evans Pregnant Again
Kelly Evans with her husband and kids. (Source: Facebook)

The youngest child, a daughter named Annie, is the kid of Kelly and her husband. She is only one year old. As a result, there isn’t much of a gap in the kids’ ages. 

Evans and her husband first became acquainted while he was a sports and business reporter for CNBC. It is unknown, however, when the couple started dating or fell in love. 

Eric, her spouse, quit his job last year to launch a freelance insurance agency. He had partnered with her father to launch his enterprise. 

Since his father-in-law is also in the same field, Eric thought it would be the ideal opportunity to launch a family business. Thus, Eric and Kelly’s family get along well. 

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