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No. Kelly Piquet is not pregnant with her boyfriend Max Verstappen’s baby. The rumor began circulating after she allegedly announced her pregnancy via Instagram story and took it down after a short while.

Born Tamsma Piquet Souto Maior, Kelly Piquet is an accomplished model, influencer, and blogger of Brazilian nationality. In addition to that, she is also a columnist and public relations professional.

Kelly Piquet hails from a family of racing royalty. Her dad Nelson Piquet Sr. is an F1 legend. The model’s brother Nelson Jr. is a world champion in formula E. Similarly, her youngest sibling Pedro Piquet is with Van Amersfoort Racing in Formula 3 series.

Regarding her personal life, you might know that the model is dating the 2021 F1 champion World Champion, Max Verstappen. But there has been a rumor about the model being pregnant with the drive racer’s baby.

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Is Kelly Piquet Pregnant With Max Verstappen’s Baby?

The answer is no. The rumor of Kelly Piquet’s pregnancy started after a screenshot of her Instagram story began circulating in September 2022.

The story screenshot reads, “I tested positive but not for covid; thanks for all your best wishes.” There was also an emoji of a pregnant woman and a couple.

The Verstappen-Piquet fans worldwide were shocked by the news. They thought little Verstappen was on the way.

Kelly Piquet
Kelly Piquet’s pregnancy news/rumor is not true. (Source: Instagram)

But, the story was said to be taken down quickly. Despite the shock, Kelly and Max’s fans didn’t lose their cool and examined the screenshots carefully. As a result, many of them found the flaws in the story screenshots and also took to Twitter to clarify that the announcement was fake.

The font in the screenshot displaying the time differs from Instagram’s font. Incorrect font ruined the authenticity of the story.

The fake pregnancy announcement new gathered heat. On the other hand, plenty of people questioned the story’s authenticity and clarified the announcement was false.

One of the fans said, “the SS looks so fake; ima need Max Verstappen/Kelly Piquet to announce something to tell me if they’re pregnant or not; thanks xo.”

Another also took Twitter and said, “as if they would announce her pregnancy with a story and take it down minutes later.”

Regardless, there is still a lot of confusion. Is Kelly Piquet pregnant? Or was the screenshot fake? Either way, there is a buzz. It would be great if Kelly or Max responded to the news/rumor.

Kelly Piquet And Max Verstappen Relationship Timeline

Regarding Kelly and Max’s relationship, there are no details of when the pair began dating.

But, Max Verstappen broke up with his ex-girlfriend in October 2020. On the other hand, Kelly Piquet split with her ex-boyfriend Daniil Kvyat in late 2019,

In December 2020, the racer traveled to Brazil to spend New Year with Kelly. The couple’s bond grew during the year. Since then, the media has witnessed their ever-increasing love and affection.

Kelly Piquet
Kelly Piquet with her current boyfriend Max Verstappen and her daughter Penelope whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend. (Source: Instagram)

The smitten pair also shares many photos of having a cozy time together on their respective social media. Let’s hope the Piquet-Verstappen couple’s union will last forever.

Meet Kelly Piquet’s Daughter From Her Previous Relationship

Kelly Piquet dated Daniil Kvyat for a few years. The former couple confirmed their dating in January 2017 via Instagram.

The ex-pair was head over heels for one another. They often shared photos of them having a sweet time on social media. In addition, the model became a regular on the motorsport scene.

Kelly Piquet welcomed a baby girl, Penelope Kvyat, with Daniil Kvyat on 27 July 2019.

After a two-year-long romantic bond, Kelly Piquet and her ex-boyfriend split before Christmas 2019.

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