Is Kiefer Sutherland Related To Donald Sutherland

Many people are searching is Kiefer Sutherland related to Donald Sutherland. Well, yes, they share known familial ties since Donald is Kiefer’s father.

Very few people might not have heard about Kiefer Sutherland and Donald Sutherland; both are celebrated and renowned names in the field of the entertainment industry.

Many people are curious as to whether the two are related because they have the same surname and professional backgrounds. Well, Donald is Kiefer’s real father and they share known familial ties.

Kiefer Sutherland is a renowned Canadian actor, producer, musician, and director. He is best known for his role as Jack Bauer in the television series “24”, which aired from 2001 to 2010. 

On the other hand, Donald Sutherland is a Canadian actor who has appeared in over 200 films and television shows throughout his career, spanning more than 60 years.

He has played a wide range of characters, from heroic figures to villains, and has worked with some of the most renowned filmmakers in the industry.

So, via this article, let’s explore more about the father-son duo’s age gap and family tree.

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Is Kiefer Sutherland Related To Donald Sutherland?

Yes, Kiefer Sutherland is the son of Donald Sutherland.

Donald Sutherland is a Canadian actor who has appeared in numerous films and television shows over the course of his career, while Kiefer Sutherland is also an actor who is best known for his role as Jack Bauer in the television series “24.”

The two actors have worked together on several occasions, including the films “Max Dugan Returns” and “A Time to Kill.”

Is Kiefer Sutherland Related To Donald Sutherland
Actor Donald Sutherland is proud to witness his son Kiefer Sutherland’s professional achievements. (Source: People)

Furthermore, Donald Sutherland was married to Kiefer’s mother, actress Shirley Douglas, from 1966 until their divorce in 1971.

Kiefer was born in London, England, in 1966, while Donald was working on a film in the country. The family eventually moved to Canada, where both father and son pursued successful acting careers.

Additionally, Kiefer is also walking in the footsteps of his father, and the two are often seen on several occasions.

What Is Kiefer Sutherland And Donald Sutherland Age Gap?

There is an age gap of approximately 31 years between Kiefer Sutherland and his father, Donald Sutherland.

Donald Sutherland was born on 17th July 1935, while Kiefer was born on 21st December 1966.

Is Kiefer Sutherland Related To Donald Sutherland
The father-son duo has appeared in several acting ventures together. (Source: Amomama)

Furthermore, Donald Sutherland began his acting career in the 1960s, around the time when Kiefer was born.

As Kiefer grew up, he was exposed to the world of acting through his father and was eventually inspired to pursue a career in the same field. 

Despite the age gap between them, Kiefer and Donald have a close relationship, and they have even worked together on several occasions.

Family Tree Of Kiefer Sutherland And Donald Sutherland

As mentioned earlier, The Bad Boy actor’s parents are Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas who have parted ways. Both his mother and father are successful Canadian actors.

Moreover, Kiefer also has a twin sister named Rachel Sutherland, who serves as a post-production film supervisor.

His half-brother, Rossif Sutherland, is also an actor. Similarly, his maternal half-brother, Thomas Emil, works as a camera operator and cinematographer in the film industry.

On the other hand, Donald Sutherland comes from a family of Canadian politicians and businessmen. His father Frederick Sutherland, was a businessman, while his mother, Dorothy Isobel McNichol, was an actress and stage manager.

Additionally, the veteran actor has been married thrice and has five children named Kiefer Sutherland, Rachel Sutherland, Roeg Sutherland, Rossif Sutherland, and Angus Redford.

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