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How is Lainey Wilson Related To Brian Wilson? Everyone knows the answer to this question. But do you know the age difference between the father-daughter duo? Please stick with us to find out more about their family tree. 

After winning big at the 56th Annual Country Music Awards just recently, the star wanted to shine a spotlight on her Father, Brian Wilson. 

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Despite his nine surgeries over a month and a half, Brian still went to congratulate his daughter on her big win day.

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Is Lainey Wilson Related To Brian Wilson? Are They Father-Daughter?

Brian Wilson is the Father of Lainey Wilson. The father and daughter share a tight-knitted bond.

Country singer Lainey Wilson and her father Brian Wilson, attending the 2022 CMA’s red carpet. (Source: Southern Living)

She is inspired by her father’s hard work and dedication to raising her. Also, she is thankful to her mother for being at her side.

The Heart Like a Truck singer Lainey considers her dad her good luck charm. She usually attends most events and award functions with her loving father.

As mentioned earlier, the father-daughter duo visited one of the most significant music events, CMA, in November 2022.

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Age Gap And Bonding Of Father Brian Wilson And Daughter Lainey Wilson

The country music singer Lainey was born in May 1992. Although it is hard for us to assume her Father, Brian’s actual birthday and year, the man is old.

Despite his age, Brian is a strong and brave man. The man kept his promise that he would join his daughter on the red carpet at CMA.

Lainey Wilson CMA red-carpet
Lainey Wilson walked on CMA red carpet wearing a cowboy hat to honor her Father. (Source: Fox News)

No surprise, Brian walked on the red carpet with his daughter and clapped for her success. Despite his illness, he still managed to keep his promise.

The singer’s father recently had a stroke, and an experienced neurologist saved his life. In addition, the man battled a fungal infection that took his left eye.

Moreover, he had to take out the left side of the face, including some bones, and stuff his face.

Even after fighting that, the man survived the stroke and came out strong to congratulate his daughter on the most important moment in her life.

Family Tree Of Lainey Wilson

Lainey is a native of Baskin, Louisiana. The singer grew up working with her Father, Brian Wilson. Also, she has a very close bond with her parents.

Her father is a fifth-generation farmer. She learned a lot from her father while growing up. Lainey even said that her father was the most hardworking person she knew.

Lainey’s father taught her how to pull up her bootstraps. Likewise, her whole family is somehow dedicated to country music.

Also, the singer’s family often listened to classic country music, such as the songs of Glen Campbell.

Lainey Wilson Country music
Beautiful Lainey Wilson singing country music at an event. (Source: The Boot)

The female country music star said:

It (referring to country music) is more than music to us. The vibe for me and my family is way more. We really lived in those songs.

Moreover, Lainey’s mother was a schoolteacher. As mentioned before, she was raised in a small town of no more than 300 people in Baskin, Louisiana.

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