Leandro Karnal gay

Is Leandro Karnal gay? Yes, the historian is gay and happily married to his husband, Vitor Fadul. The couple has been together for four years.

The Former professor at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Leandro Karnal, is a well-known television personality in Brazil.

He has several publications concentrating on the history of religion and the history of the Americas.

He was raised in So Leopoldo and is well-known throughout Brazil for his work in making philosophy accessible to the general public.

He also gives lectures all over the country. He was named co-host of CNN Tonight in 2020, a nightly discussion show on CNN Brasil.

Following his reputation in the field, the professor’s personal life has also become the subject of public interest. Here is everything we know about Leandro Karnal’s love life, partner, and family.

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Is Leandro Karnal Gay Or Does He Have Esposa or Esposo?

Leandro Karnal is gay and is happily married to his husband, Vitor Fadul. The couple has been together for four years, and their bond is going rock solid.

While the historian professor was born on 1 February 1963, his husband was born in 1995. Thus, the smitten pair have an age gap of 32 years.

The historian shared a sweet picture with his spouse on Instagram on Saturday (7 January 2023). The Karnal-Fadul couple is traveling through Florence, Italy, and is currently one second week of the vacation trip.

Leandro Karnal Gay
Leandro Karnal has been with his husband, Vitor Fadul, for four years. (Image Source: Instagram)

Alongside the beautiful photo, the professor said love is a gift and achievement. “entering our 4th year together,” added Leandro excitedly.

The television personality also disclosed that he never thought his personal life would be so crucial to a Third Party (the public).

“However, there seems to be a time when not declaring might seem like agreement with prejudice; I am a happy person! Love is part of it,” wrote the renowned historian.

Until he shared the photo yesterday, Karnal’s relationship and love life were not public. There were many talks and speculations regarding his personal life, which have now been cleared.

They say if the person you love loves you back, it is a miracle. Very few people are lucky to encounter true love and spend their life by one another’s side.

Leandro and Vitor are among them. We wish the lovely duo an everlasting bond.

Who Is Leandro Karnal Husband Vitor Fadul?

Vitor Fadul is a Brazilian singer and songwriter – born in Itanhaem, Sao Paulo. The 27-year-old musician has been passionate about music since he was five.

Vitor’s dad was the one who encouraged him to sing in the evangelical church that they attended. His Father also sang there, and as a little kid, the musician dreamed of following in his parent’s footsteps.

Freshness” is the starting project of Fadul. With many ups and downs, Fadul achieved his dream of being a singer. Still, there are miles to walk. We wish the singer all the best in his future endeavors.

Leandro Karnal’s Net Worth

From being University professor to a television personality, the Brazilian historian’s journey was glorious. Thus, he must have earned a commendable sum.

Leandro Karnal Gay
Leandro Karnal appears to live a comfortable life. (Image Source: Instagram)

He is currently working on CNN Brasil as a co-host of CNN Tonight. ZipRecruiter estimated that a television personality’s average annual salary ranges from $19K to $85K in the United States.

Looking at Karnal’s reputation, expertise and talent, he must earn around above average. In addition, he must have pocketed pretty pennies as University professor.

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