Lil Buddy Rapper Dead

Many people are asking, “Is Lil Buddy rapper dead or alive?” The rapper began his career in 2000. Is he still involved in the music industry? Find out the current whereabouts of the musician below.

Lil Buddy is a talented rapper who grabbed considerable media attention after releasing his debut album ” Major” in 2000. Despite the popularity, Lil Buddy’s debut album didn’t receive financial success. The Minneapolis native 

The rapper, whose real name is Andre R. Locke, began his musical career two decades ago. As he has not come to the limelight for a long time, people are wondering where the musician is.

Here is everything we know about Lil Buddy, a rapper from Minneapolis.

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Is Lil Buddy Rapper Dead Or Alive? Where Is He Now?

Rapper Lil Buddy is still alive. Although he has not come to the spotlight for a long time, he regularly publishes songs on various online platforms, including Amazon Music. Also, there has been no official report about the musician’s death.

Lil Buddy Rapper Dead
Rapper Lil Buddy grabbed much public attention after releasing his debut album, Major. (Image Source: Amazon)

The musician has not come to the spotlight for a long time. No wonder his fans are concerned about his whereabouts. It is unknown where he currently resides and how he is doing.

But Lil Buddy dropped his latest album on 7 April 2023. Yesterday, Alright, Over Now, Lo Mismo, and Move Right are his most famous song on Amazon Music.

It is unclear how the death rumor of the rapper began circulating. But Lil Buddy is alive and is still creating music. Although his songs don’t seem to get much popularity, he is still active in the field.

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Lil Buddy Was Arrested And Charged With Bank Robbery

Andre R. Locke, aka Lil Buddy, was charged with bank robbery in 2001.

According to reports, he entered Vermillion State Bank in Rosemount, Minnesota, while wearing a ski mask, carrying a weapon, and demanding cash from the tellers.

Lil Buddy appeared in federal court with the robbery charge. Gary Kalstabakken, the chief of Rosemount Police, claimed that the rapper fled in a stolen blue Audi.

Lil Buddy Rapper Dead
Lil Buddy was charged with bank robbery in 2001. (Image Source: Amazon Music)

Several minutes after being recognized by police, a chase ended when Locke allegedly slammed the vehicle into a tree. Before being booked into jail, he received minimal injury treatment, according to the police.

Family, friends, and admirers were all shocked following his imprisonment.

Locke’s younger sister Nicole Gray said, “He has been working hard for his dream for a long time. “He must have hit rock bottom to do something like this.”

Friends and family claimed that Locke had been depressed because he needed money for himself and his two elder brothers, requiring kidney transplants.

A Minneapolis hip-hop shop owner Siddiq Ali said that Lil Buddy had been a really gifted emcee. “But we never got to witness what he could do. The Buddy I know doesn’t sound like this. It’s really too bad.,” added Ali.

Nonetheless, Lil Buddy rapper is still alive and involved in the music industry. Hopefully, he will garner more prosperity and success in the coming days.

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