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Is Lil Tay related to Miranda Cosgrove? Following the ***** rumors of the young rapper, online users have been asking many questions. Here’s what we know about the matter.

Claire Hope, aka Lil Tay, is a famous rapper from the United States of America. She shot to fame in 2018 after sharing photos and videos where she is seen flaunting money and luxury cars. 

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In an interview with Good Morning America on ABC News in 2018, Claire denied claims her family influenced her to make the videos.

She even said that she enjoyed what she was doing. Within a short period, Claire is able to gain 3 million followers on her Instagram handle.

One of her viral posts on Instagram is a post related to XXXTentacion. She posted two images of herself talking with XXXTentacion.

Is Lil Tay Related To Miranda Cosgrove?

No, Lil Tay and Miranda Cosgrove are not related to each other. However, the rumors have remained in the limelight for a long time, and everyone is confused.

Online users are heavily asking questions on the internet, saying that Lil Tay and Cosgrove are related to each other. There is no truth about it, and it can be said that the rumors came into the media without any facts.

Is Lil Tay Related to Miranda Cosgrove
Lil Tay and Miranda Cosgrove are not related to each other, but fans think they are siblings. ( Source: Distractify )

Once, Tay claimed that Cosgrove ran her Instagram account. This prompted many fans and followers to think that Miranda was actually her older sister or even her mom.

Not to mention, Cosgrove is a notable American actress and singer who has been working actively in the entertainment industry since 2001.

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Lil Tay And Miranda Cosgrove Relationship Explored

Lil Tay and Miranda Cosgrove don’t have any kind of relationship, and they didn’t share any blood relationship. However, some said that they were linked with each other.

Online users often called the rapper the younger sister of Miranda. The rumors left many people believing they are siblings, but it has already been confirmed that they are unrelated.

Lil Tay and Miranda Cosgrove Relationship
Lil Tay once mentioned that her IG account was managed by Miranda Cosgrove. ( Source: Twitter )

A Twitter user once wrote, “Do people not realize that lil tay is literally Miranda cosgrove’s little sister who actually runs her insta account like her entire persona is for the sole purpose of shocking people and making money.”

It has been reported that Miranda is the only child of her parents and does not have siblings. On the other side, Lil Tay had a brother named Jason.

What Happened To Lil Tay?

Reportedly, Lil Tay passed away on August 9, 2023, at the age of 14, but her ***** cause remains unclear at the time of this post. Her ***** came as a shock to the world.

A statement was released from her Instagram account saying that the rapper was no more. In the statement, it was also disclosed that her brother Jason had also died at the age of 21.

Lil Tay
The family of Lil Tay released a statement saying that she and her brother are no more. ( Source: Instagram )

Due to the deaths of the siblings, many questions have been raised, and many blame the siblings duo’s parents. The family has said that the deaths of their kids are still under investigation.

Tributes and condolence messages are pouring on various social media platforms following their deaths. 

However, as per the recent news from Lil Tay’s family, the young rapper is alive and as healthy as a horse.

Moreover, it is mentioned that the ***** news is fake and it all occurred after Tay’s Instagram account was hacked by an anonymous person.

Thus, if we follow the recent updates on Lil Tay’s ***** scandal, there is nothing to fear as the young talent is doing great. 

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